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Best Card Summary

Chase Freedom Flex Fre
Why this is one of the best grocery rewards credit cards: You will earn 5% up to $ 12,000 on grocery store purchases in the first year and then 1% back. Rotating the cash back bonus categories every quarter you buy and travel through Chase also offers a 5% cash back. Drugstore and restaurant purchases earn 3% back, and other purchases get 1% back year-round.

Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express
Why it’s one of the best grocery rewards credit cards: It’s rare to find a higher earning rate on American supermarket spending than the Blue Cash Preferred card from American Express, which offers 6% cash back (spent each year First limited to $ 6,000) then 1%). Note that this card has a $ 95 annual fee. It offers a $ 250 statement credit after spending $ 1,000 in the first three months.

Chase Freedom Unlimited®
Why it’s one of the best grocery rewards credit cards: Chase Freedom Unlimited cardholders earn up to $ 12,000 in grocery store purchases (excluding Target and Walmart) in the first year for up to $ 12,000 in cash and then 1.5% back. One of the many perks includes a $ 200 welcome bonus that accrues after spending $ 500 within three months of opening the card.

Find it® Cash Back
Why it’s one of the best grocery rewards credit cards: With Discover It’s Cash Back, you’ll get 5% cash back every quarter, such as, grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations and when you pay When you are active, paypal up to the maximum quarterly. All other purchases earn unlimited 1% cash back. There is no annual fee, and Discover will match your cash back earnings at the end of the first year. Find out if the cash back has a 14-month 0% APR on purchases and balance transfers (then 11.99% to 22.99% variable APR applies).

City Rewards +. Card
Why it’s one of the best grocery rewards credit cards: With the City Rewards + card, you’ll earn two points per dollar at supermarkets and gas stations ($ 6,000 will be spent per year, then one point per dollar). If you spend $ 1,000 in the first three months, you will also earn 15,000 bonus points.

Blue Cash Everyday Card from American Express
Why it’s one of the best grocery rewards credit cards: American Supermarket is the highest-grossing rewards category on the Blue Cash Everyday card from American Express, receiving 3% cash back (up to $ 6,000 annually, then 1%) is. Cardholders get 2% back at US gas stations and US department stores and 1% on other purchases. New cardholders earn $ 100 after making $ 1,000 in purchases with your card within the first six months. You will earn 20% back on purchases made in the first six months (up to $ 200 back) on

Delta SkyMills® Gold American Express Card
Why it’s one of the best grocery rewards credit cards: If Delta is your favorite airline, this card can help you earn free rewards flights faster. Delta purchases and purchases in restaurants and American supermarkets earn 2 miles per dollar, and you will earn 1 mile per dollar on all other purchases. When you charge Delta in-flight purchases you will also get your first checked bag on Delta flight, priority boarding on Delta flight, and 20% savings.

Hilton Honors American Express Card
Why it’s one of the best grocery rewards credit cards: With the Hilton Honors American Express card, you’ll earn five points per dollar at US supermarkets, US gas stations, and American restaurants. When you stop at Hilton hotels, you can earn seven Hilton Honors bonus points per dollar, and all other eligible purchases earn three points per dollar. The card does not charge any annual fee and as a perk, is granted complimentary silver status in the Hilton Honors Rewards Program.

IHG® Rewards Club Traveler Credit Card
Why it is one of the best grocery rewards credit cards: Although this card is extended towards IHG hotel loyalists, it can help boost grocery shopping. You will earn the most points (up to 15 for every dollar spent) at IHG hotels, plus two points per dollar at gas stations, grocery stores and restaurants.

US Bank Cash + ™ Visa Signature® Card
Why it is one of the best grocery rewards credit cards: The US Bank Cash + Visa Signature Card gives you the flexibility to earn something, with grocery spending being one of the higher earning categories. Cardholders earn 5% cash on the first $ 2,000 spent in two categories of their choice, plus 2% back on an everyday category including grocery stores. All other purchases earn 1%.

US News Survey: As Food Costs Soar, Shoppers Drop Grocery Credit Cards

With prices climbing at supermarket staples amid the coronovirus epidemic, a US news poll showed that consumers are spending more on groceries during the health crisis. Grocery rewards credit cards can save money, but many people are not taking advantage of them.

Here are some important survey findings:

  • Home cooking and eating center: Consumers are cooking at home, ordering more takeout or delivery, and using online grocery services.
  • While 59% of households spent at least $ 100 on groceries weekly before the epidemic, and now 67% spend that amount.
  • About three-quarters of consumers said they do not earn credit card rewards on groceries.

About 60% of survey respondents said that food shopping has changed during the coronovirus crisis, as consumers cook at home and order groceries online.

(June 2020)

About 59% of families were spending $ 100 or more on groceries before the health crisis. Now, 67% of households are spending triple digits weekly on groceries.

(June 2020)

(June 2020)

About 28% of respondents typically use credit cards to pay for groceries, potentially bringing hundreds of dollars per year to the rewards table.

(June 2020)

Most survey respondents stated that they do not have credit cards that earn grocery rewards.

(June 2020)

About 10% of consumers said that they are using credit cards for groceries before the epidemic.

(June 2020)

Some cardholders are charging interest on grocery shopping by not paying full monthly bills.

(June 2020)

Most consumers stated that they are not using contactless payment options at grocery stores.

(June 2020)

  • US News ran a nationwide survey in June 2020 via a Google survey.
  • The sample size was the general US population, and the survey was configured to be representative of this sample.
  • The survey asked 10 questions related to grocery shopping and credit card habits.

How can you earn with a grocery credit card?

According to the US Department of Agriculture, the average family of four spends more than $ 11,000 annually on groceries. If the grocery rewards credit card earns at least 2% cash, you can get back over $ 200 each year for supermarket expenses.

Some cards give you even more money back for purchases that you are already making. Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express, For example, earns 6% cash on purchases of up to $ 6,000 in American supermarkets and 1% thereafter; 6% back on select US streaming subscriptions; 3% back at US gas stations and on transit; And 1% back on other purchases with no cap.

You will not be limited to earning rewards only at the grocery store. These cards typically feature some bonus rewards categories beyond groceries. This can make grocery rewards cards a good option to earn rewards everyday.

How much is a grocery credit card worth?

A credit card that earns generous rewards for grocery shopping can put hundreds of dollars back in your budget each year. But before you select a card for your grocery expenses, factoring in any annual fee, calculate its potential earning value.

“Almost everyone can benefit from a card with grocery store rewards,” says Richard Kerr, founder of Rewards Travel 101, a Facebook community that helps members maximize rewards programs. He encourages consumers to see grocery card bonuses and other card benefits.

Compare what you can earn in rewards with any card fee. American Express’s Blue Cash Preferred Card gets $ 400 in cash back, for example, when you spend $ 10,000 a year in an American supermarket.

New cardholders will earn a $ 250 statement credit when you charge $ 1,000 in purchases on the new card in your first three months. Combined, you can earn $ 700 in grocery rewards in the first year with this card.

How should you choose a grocery store credit card?

When choosing a credit card for grocery rewards, consider your level of grocery spending. Some grocery rewards cards have limits on bonus rewards that you can earn on grocery purchases quarterly or annually.

For example, American Express’s Blue Cash Preferred Card earned 6% on the first $ 6,000 in annual US supermarket purchases (then 1%). If you spend $ 10,000 annually on groceries, you will exceed the card’s bonus prize limit for American supermarket purchases.

Once the bonus is not applied, you will earn very little at the rate of 1%.

Consider using multiple credit cards to maximize your potential reward earnings for grocery expenses. You can use the Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express for your first $ 6,000 in American Express purchases and then switch to another card with a grocery bonus prize for the rest of the year.

If you don’t want to palpate more than one credit card or track your spending carefully, a card offering unlimited grocery bonus rewards may be a better option. However, cards with unlimited grocery bonus rewards may have a lower cash rate.

Another option is a card that does not limit how much you can earn. If you have Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card And you are an Amazon Prime member, you can earn 5% on purchases in the Whole Foods Market without a cap. But bonuses can only be earned at the Whole Foods Market, unlike other foods that many grocery store retailers earn with grocery rewards.

Like all credit cards, paying your balance every month is a good idea to maximize the value of your grocery rewards. The interest charged on any balance you take, with an average minimum annual percentage rate of about 17%, will easily outweigh the value of your rewards, even if you are earning 6% cash back. In addition, you generally avoid spending more than you earn rewards.

How can you increase rewards with a grocery credit card?

Although everyday grocery spending can earn bonus rewards, some strategies can help you rack up more rewards. Kiran said that when you buy gift cards for movie theaters, retail stores and other merchants at the grocery store, you can earn bonus rewards.

Grocery stores often have their own rewards systems, so you can also earn credit card bonus rewards and grocery store loyalty points when purchasing gift cards there.

When using your credit card, consider which store will count toward grocery store purchases. “Some stores, like Walmart or Costco, don’t really code as supermarkets or grocery stores,” says Alex Miller, founder and CEO of Upgraded Points, a website that helps consumers maximize their credit card rewards Does.

If so, you will not earn the grocery store bonus prize at that store. Because coding varies by card type and store location, Kerr suggests that there is not one grocery store in particular to ensure that you can earn points with the retailer.

If it counts as grocery shopping, you can make a big purchase there because you know you will earn at the grocery store bonus rate. Score!

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