Sat. Apr 17th, 2021

MOSCOW – Russia has reported 29,350 new coronovirus cases in the country’s largest daily boom.

The total of more than 2.8 million confirmed Russia cases is the fourth largest in the world. The State Coronovirus Task Force has also reported more than 51,000 deaths.

Russia has been swept away by a resurgence of this virus, with the number of reported cases and deaths in the spring. Nevertheless, Russian authorities have rejected the idea of ​​another nationwide lockout or widespread closure of businesses.

Earlier this month, mass vaccination began in Russia with Sputnik V – a domestically developed coronavirus vaccine that is still undergoing advanced studies among thousands to ensure its safety and effectiveness.

Russia was widely criticized for granting regulatory approval to Sputnik V in August as it was tested on only a few dozen people. Despite expert warnings against its widespread use until the completion of late-stage tests, authorities began offering it to medical personnel within weeks after approval.

A new COVID-19 relief bill that took shape in Congress included personal payments reaching $ 600 for most Americans and an additional $ 300 a week in unemployment benefits. A vote on the bill is expected in the House and Senate on Monday. Those seeking help are hard-hit businesses, schools, health care providers and renter evictions. In addition, President-Elect Joe Biden will receive his first dose of the Conovirus Vaccine on live television, as part of a growing effort to make the American public vaccinated safe.

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CAIRO – Egypt has reported another record number of new coronovirus cases, adding 664 infections.

The Health Minister also said on Monday that there were 29 new fatalities.

Egypt, the Arab world’s most populous country with more than 100 million people, has reported at least 125,555 cases, including 7,098 deaths in total.

The spike in new cases comes after repeated warnings by the government about a second wave of viruses. Authorities have urged people to follow preventive measures, particularly by wearing face masks and practicing social distance. ___

Prague – The Czech Republic has become another European Union country to ban all flights from the UK due to a new strain of coronavirus in England.

The Ministry of Health says the ban went into effect on Monday.

After Monday’s announcement, there was a need for all those in the country who spent at least 24 hours to isolate British territory in the last two weeks.

The same restrictive measure was implemented by neighboring Slovakia starting on Monday.

European countries, including the Netherlands, Austria, Italy and Bulgaria, said that the UK government halted flights from Britain hours after enforcing a stringent new coronovirus ban on large areas of southern England, forcing authorities to address a rapidly growing new strain of the virus. To be described as. .

Hong Kong – Hong Kong will ban flights from the UK after more infectious versions of coronovirus are found in the country, according to the city’s top health official.

Countries such as Hong Kong, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Ireland, Canada and the Netherlands joined in stopping flights to the UK, as the mutated strain of the virus was found to be 70% more infectious than normal.

Health Minister Sophia Chan said on Monday that recent arrivals from Britain would also have to serve 21 days of quarantine, one week more than the normal 14-day period. Its two weeks will be served at a designated quarantine hotel, and the last week will be served at home.

As of Sunday, a total of 8,153 infections were reported in Hong Kong with 130 deaths.

SEOUL, South Korea – The gathering of more than five people will be banned in South Korea’s capital region to suppress what authorities have called an “explosive” surge in coronovirus infection.

The Seoul region is home to half of South Korea’s 51 million people and has recently been at the center of a viral resurgence. The country performed an average of 960 new virus cases in the past week, more than 70% of them in the Seoul metropolitan area.

Acting Seoul Mayor Seo Jung-hyup said the ban on Monday would apply to any type of meetings, including year-end parties, office dinners, birthday parties and picnics. Only weddings and funerals can follow the current rule of more than 50 people.

He says the new sanctions will take effect from Wednesday and will last until 3 January in Gyeonggi Province, encircling the city of Seoul and Incheon, west of Seoul.

Seo says he is aware that the ban is “stricter”, but tensions cannot be slowed down without the current viral spread preventing transmission between relatives and company associates. He says that if the current “explosive” growth in Seoul does not occur, a lockdown could be encountered.

Earlier on Monday, South Korea reported 24 virus-related deaths, the highest daily deaths in the country since the onset of the epidemic. The government added a total of 926 new cases, of which the country had a total of 50,591, with 698 deaths.

Sacramento, California. – Government of California. According to his office, Gavin Newsom will quarantine one of his employees who tested positive for COVID-19 for 10 days.

The staff tested positive Sunday afternoon. Other negative tests have been done between Newsom and those employees’ contacts.

The statement said Newsome’s 10-day quarantine is out of “an abundance of caution”. The governor and other staff were expected to be tested again in the next few days.

Another person from the Governor’s Office tested positive in October, and Newsome’s family was also made aware of an infected person last month. He tested negative after both of those cases.

Melbourne, Australia – An Australian state government leader has apologized for a hotel quarantine program that led to the death of most of the country’s COVID-19.

A retired judge, who investigated Victoria State’s quarantine program for returned passengers, criticized the use of private security guards to enforce segregation at Melbourne hotels in May and June.

After the investigative report was released on Monday, Victoria Premier Dan Andrews explained that the quarantine system was implemented quickly and without any epidemic rules.

“I want to apologize to the Victorian community for the very obvious errors made in this program,” Andrews said.

Lax infection control at two Melbourne quarantine hotels set off a wave of infection in Australia’s second largest city, while the rest of the country was largely virus-free.

820 of Australia’s 908 deaths from COVID-19 died in Victoria.

NASHVILLE, TENNEY. – Tennessee Village. Bill Lee has announced new social gathering sanctions, refusing to implement a masked mandate despite pleas from front-line healthcare workers in the state experiencing the highest number of new cases per capita in the country.

Instead of a masked mandate, Republicans on Sunday signed an executive order limiting public ceremonies to 10 people. However, places of worship, marriage and funeral orders are exempt.

He called the state “Zero Zero” at the Battle of COVID-19 and urged the Tennesians not to gather with people outside their homes during the coming holidays. His message came a day after Lee confirmed that his wife Maria had tested positive for COVID-19. Lee says he has tested negative, but will remain in quarantine at the governor’s residence.

Tennessee is one of a dozen states without a masked mandate. Instead, local counties have the option of enforcing their own mask restrictions.

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