Wed. Apr 14th, 2021

The World Health The organization said on Monday that new strains of coronavirus identified in the United Kingdom appear to be more contagious but experts have informed the group that they do not believe it will be a problem for COVID-19 vaccines.

Maria Van Kerkhov, WHO’s technical head on COVID-19, said that stress has an increased rate of transmission. A person ill with the new strain can be expected to infect 1.5 people, she said, while the standard strain has a reproductive number of about 1.1.

“They are trying to determine whether this variant is infected as well as individual differences,” Van Kerkhov said at a press briefing. “They are still working through the same.”

Cartoon on coronovirus

Van Kerkhov said that UK officials have informed the group that they do not believe the new version will have an effect on vaccines.

“That’s good news,” van Kerkhov said. “But again, a lot of information is coming out and a lot of studies are going on.”

In a separate press conference on Monday, the UK government’s chief scientific adviser, Patrick Valence, said there was no evidence to suggest that vaccines would not work against the new strain.

“The vaccine sounds like it should be just as effective, and it’s being seen clearly,” Valence said.

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson speculated on Saturday that new tensions could increase the region’s recent transition. Johnson stated that the variant may be 70% more transitive than the original strain.

However, the new strain so far is not more fatal or cannot alter the course of the disease.

Johnson said Monday that “there is no reason to think that this new version of the virus is any more dangerous than the current strain.”

Leading infectious disease specialist Anthony Fauci told Cnn America “must keep an eye on him without a doubt” but said “we don’t want to overdo it”.

He said he would not advise the government to suspend flights from Britain during a meeting of the Coronavirus Task Force of the White House on Monday. There are many nations Restricted journey For the region.

“Follow it carefully, but don’t overreact to it,” Fauci said.

The WHO said that the UK first reported the new tension to the organization on 14 December, adding that a new strain in South Africa is a different version which came at the same time.

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