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Data science is Transforming organizations through marketing, e-commerce, strategic planning and other ways. At the same time, there are not enough people trained to do the job. Only recently have universities awarded data science degrees. This is why people who already work in data science or are interested in entering the field may find evidence of expertise found with the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate.

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Why get an IBM Data Science Professional Certificate and who is the certificate for?

The IBM Data Science Professional Certificate is not intended to make you an expert in data science. Instead, it helps people who have no background, to get a foundation and build a career. “It really aims without a lot of people,” says Ana Echevrieri, IBM’s data and learning lead at AI Expert Labs. “It is designed to give people basic blocks to move to data sources.”

Taking courses and obtaining certification can easily require at least 10 months or part-time study. So is the IBM Data Science Certificate worth it? Yes, if it is an area you want or need to enter.

Says Manish Shukla, “Coursework helped give me an extra edge, which came in 2018 to earn a master’s degree from the University of Texas at Dallas, USA. He came to the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate and also pursued it.

“It helped me work with real-world data and tools,” he says. “It helped me get a good internship and then convert to full-time (employment).” Shukla is now a data scientist and technical consultant at management consulting firm Palladium.

While authentication gives you the fundamentals, it is not the same as having one Data science expert. “While the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate can certainly help with roles like these, I should emphasize that this is not the key to the door; Especially in the context of data science positions, which are incredibly complex and require multidisciplinary skills, ”says Jack Zamdzinski, a senior associate at software development company Future Processing, who has several employees with certifications.

IBM Data Science Certificate Material Overview

Required nine courses – Quizzes, including hands-on work and projects – are available through edX ($ 411 for a set of nine) or Coursera ($ 39 per month extra charge).

No prior programming knowledge is required, although some high school mathematics, including basic probability and statistics, is useful.

See the approximate hours and syllabus below, based on Kaursara’s schedule.

Course 1: What is Data Science?

This course describes what data science is and what data scientists do. Businessmen discuss essential skills for what works, how data science fits into a business, and tools and algorithms in daily use. It requires 1.6 hours of video, 11 readings, six practice exercises and seven quizzes for a total of 10 hours over three weeks.

Course 2: Tools for Data Science

This course is an overview of the tools that data scientists commonly use, whether open source from IBM or commercially owned. Commonly used programming languages ​​are introductions Data analysis And a project using Jupiter, an open-source product for interpersonal data science and scientific computing. It requires 3.7 hours of video, one reading, eight practice quizzes, three graded quizzes, and a project for approximately 22 hours over four weeks.

Course 3: Data Science Methodology

This course focuses on a single coherent methodology to use in data science problems. It involves major steps in practicing data science, including problem creation, data collection, data analysis, model building, deployment of models, and feedback using models. It requires 0.9 hours of video, eight readings, five practice exercises and 10 quizzes for a total of 10 hours over three weeks.

Course 4: Python for Data Science and AI

Python Is a high-level programming language. The course gives a basis for expanding programming knowledge into more advanced technologies and eventually transfer to machine learning. Practices using Python include writing basic programs, working with data structures and performing data analysis, and addressing real-world problems. It requires 1.8 hours of video, two readings, 15 practice exercises, five quizzes, and a project for 28 hours over five weeks.

Course 5: Database and SQL for Data Science

It has storage in basic databases for manipulating, analyzing and using data. SQL is a widely employed programming language for most popular databases. This course provides insights and practice for using SQL in data science. It starts with native SQL, moves to advanced methods, and finally combines SQL with Python for programs that can access and analyze data. An assignment in week four involves working with real figures in the city of Chicago. A total of 13 hours over four weeks requires 2.1 hours of video, two readings, seven practice exercises and 10 quizzes.

Course 6: Data Analysis with Python

This course is about employing Python to write programs that can use data. The text includes preparing data for analysis, simple statistical analysis, basic data visualization, and using statistical means to predict future trends from existing historical datasets. A total of 25 hours over seven weeks requires 1.8 hours of video, four readings, 12 quizzes, and 25 practice exercises.

Course 7: Data Visualization with Python

Data visualization is important in analysis and data science because the graphical representation makes meaningful data more explicit than pages of numbers, especially with large-scale data. But even in small-scale clusters of data, visualization is useful. Courtwork includes the use of visualization programming tools such as Mattelotlib and Folium to create several types of graphs, as well as the introduction of geospatial data to place data markers on maps. It requires 1.1 hours of video, seven readings, five practice exercises and 11 quizzes for a total of 18 hours over three weeks.

Course 8: Machine Learning with Python

Using python in machine learning – An important technique in data analysis in all industries – Includes everything from previous courses. In practice, the resulting programs consume sample data and use it to make decisions without specific code for each. In addition to observation of machine learning topics, the task includes skills and projects that can demonstrate students’ abilities to others. It requires 3.9 hours of video, five practice exercises, two readings and a quiz for 22 hours over six hours.

Course 9: Applied Data Science Capstone

Tasks in this course include creating data sources of geospatial data such as Foursquare, pulling data from webpages and parsing HTML code, and then manipulating the data for analysis purposes. The capstone project involves defining a problem, discussing the data needed to solve it, and then writing code to obtain the data, analyzing it, and displaying the results. It requires 0.7 hours of video, two practice exercises, three readings, a quiz and a capstone project for a total of 47 hours over five weeks.

Where and how to start preparing for this certificate program

Before starting the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate Program, make sure it is right for you.

“Nine out of 10 people are not really interested in becoming a data scientist,” Echeverri says. “They hear that there are jobs; This is good. “She says that to achieve certification requires significant learning just for learning, which allows for further study and development.

When people ask her about data science, she often suggests that they consider data analytics and careers instead data visualization. She states that industry, government, nonprofits and academics are both necessary, but less intensive work may be required.

To better understand whether data science is really something you can enjoy, take the first course in the IBM series that introduces data science, either auditing for free via edX Or using Cortera’s seven-day free trial. You can also watch videos of data scientists like Ken Ji, Explain what are the daily activities, Or Krish Naik, who has a Similar video.

You do not need coding skills to prepare for the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate Program, but high school mathematics is a must. Echeveri suggests knowing basic probability, descriptive statistics, diminishing statistics and perhaps some linear algebra because “it makes the distinction between a data scientist dangerous and one that is not dangerous.”

Kaursera states that for the last few courses of the series, knowledge of calculus is also helpful. Coursera and edX offer several courses in statistics, linear algebra and calculus. Communication and presentation skills are also helpful because ultimately, data scientists find stories in the data and tell them to others.

Also consider cost and time. The set of courses costs about $ 400 or more. Will you pay the bill or will your employer pay, especially if your role expands to include some data science activity?

You will need at least a few hours a week for study and preparation. Kaursera and Edex estimate that students need three to five hours a week for 10 to 13 months for all required work. Full-time study may shorten the timetable by several months. Courses also vary in difficulty and demands, and some may exceed suggested times. However, courses are self-sufficient for flexibility.

Is IBM Data Science Professional Certificate Worth?

If your career path involves data analysis with an eye toward machine learning, or if data science is of interest to you, this certificate may make sense for you.

There is significant demand for such expertise. University data science training Still in its early stages at the undergraduate and graduate levels, but ramp up to meet demand. Since formal education is still playing catch-up, certificate documents can help with specialization.

A 2020 Survey 22 job seekers with certification from a job site showed that 73% thought that certification helped their career, 32% felt it helped them get a job, and 27% said it gave them more money Helped in earning

Data science professionals are in high demand

Data scientists have been and remain in high demand for the past few years. For many years, Glassdoor has Enlisted data scientist It has one of the top three best jobs in America due to the increasing need for people with these skills.

LinkedIn co-founder Alan Blue told Knowledge @ Wharton, A publication by the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, that nearly all data scientists are employed because demand exceeds supply. The last three years saw “massive growth” in data science-based jobs in many fields, he said.

Can a data science certificate help you land a job?

A certificate can help you land a job because there are not many proofs that provide proof of this expertise.

Zmudzinski calls the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate “a very useful thing, especially if you want to gain a role as a data analyst, data scientist or machine learning engineer.”

But consider that the emphasis on IBM-owned tools will be of little relevance if you need products from a company that is applying for a position.

Data science industry organization

For more information about data science careers, research these organizations:

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