Sun. Jan 17th, 2021

Budapest (Reuters) – Support for Hungary’s ruling nationalist Fides party has fallen behind a coalition of opposition parties, a poll by the research institute Republicon published on the news agency showed on Wednesday, reflecting similar recent elections.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who has been in power since 2010, faces the toughest election in 2022 in the form of the coronovirus epidemic and its economic impact, and opposition parties grouped together against him.

Fitz has been embroiled in conflicts at home and in the European Union as the Premier vetoed the 1.85 trillion euros (2.25 trillion) budget and recovery package of 27 countries, criticizing his domestic opposition.

According to Belgian authorities, Fidesz also suffered losses after he was resigned by a senior EU jurist, as he orgyed Brussels after the resignation of a senior EU jurist and Belgium was in drug possession.

After months of negotiations, six major Hungarian opposition parties agreed to hold the primary election in a national vote for the first time on Sunday and to challenge the Fidesas one-on-one behind all programs and one leader in all voter districts.

Their cumulative support of all voters has increased from 32 percent in November to 35% in the December 8–15 survey, found Republican, while Fidz slipped from 32% to 30%.

Other pollutants have similar trends. Fidesz’s support fell 6 percentage points to 34% in one month in December, last week, Median said, while the opposition added 2 percentage points and acquired Fidaz at 36%.

Zavecz Research also said earlier this month that Fidez’s support among all voters had fallen by 30%, while opposition support was at 34%.

Even the pro-government poll Nezopont said last week that when Fides’ support was 42% of all voters in his last public election in July from 40%, the opposition ranged from 31% to 40% in July. Reduced to. .

(Marten Dunai’s report edited by Lewis Havens)

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