Wed. Apr 21st, 2021

Madison, Wis (AP) – Maryland coach Mark Turgan was not at all happy that his team was on the road for Christmas Eve in the Big Ten schedule and traveled to Wisconsin four days later.

Now, he couldn’t be happier about it.

Eric Ayalala scored 17 points, while Aaron Wiggins scored 15 points and nine rebels to beat Maryland 6-70 to 70-64 on Monday night.

In the conference, the Terrapins were 0–2, including a loss at Purdue on 24 December, and their victories were against the likes of Mount St. Mary and St. Peter.

But Turgen said he has seen a difference in his team since his loss to Clemson on December 9, and the road trip in late December turned into a bonding experience that would go on to become the building block for his team. Can.

“It was probably the best thing that happened to us,” Turin said. “We have really grown in the last five days. Lots of meetings, lots together. “

Maryland (6-3, 1-2 Big Ten) defeated Wisconsin (8-2, 2-1) to deny the Badgers their bread-butter – paint.

Maryland outscored 38-20 in the Pentics, limiting the Badgers’ post team to Nate Ravors and Micah Potter for just 12 points on 6-of-18 shooting. Facing a 3–2 zone in the second half, Wisconsin began to settle for 3-pointers.

He gave 8 of 21 hits for the game. This is consistent with their efforts per game per season, but they typically shoot 42 percent from the arc with Revere and Potter nearly 25 points a game.

“Our region has brought them to the periphery. I think this made them very slow for us.

Maryland responded that each tried to overtake the Badgers.

D’Mitric Trice hit a 3-pointer with just under 2 minutes left to pull the Badgers to 60-59.

But Donta Scott hit back-to-back shots and Ayala knocked in two free throws for less than 25 seconds to take the Terrapins to 66-59. Tris was fired in a 3-point attempt on Wisconsin’s next possession and killed all three, but the Badger got no closer.

Tris led Wisconsin with 25 points, while Alem Ford added 10 as the Badgers held back from going back in the previous season of 10 strike conference wins. It also ended a run of 15 home wins.

The Badgers managed to hit 77% of their foul shots. But he struggled on Monday, killing 8 of 8. It was missing the front end of pair 1 and 1 in the first half. Coach Greg Guard said that Wisconsin missed a number of chances at the post in addition to dropping points at the free throw line, either not seeing the Open Post players or not trusting the pass.

“This is a continuous year of establishing our internal game and preventing the perimeter from playing the game. The guard said that we did not do a good job.

Maryland: The Terrapins came into the 0-2 game in the conference with an upcoming stretch, which includes Michigan, Indiana, Iowa and Illinois. It was a much-needed win in a tough stretch to play conference.

Wisconsin: The Badgers dropped 85 points three days ago at Michigan State. But its offense struggled to get back on track at times, and it was difficult to defend. Maryland scored more than 1.1 points per possession.

Maryland: The Terps hosted Michigan on Thursday.

Wisconsin: The Badgers hosted Minnesota on Thursday.

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