Wed. Mar 3rd, 2021

BARCELONA, Spain (AP) – Organizers of an indoor concert in Barcelona to test the effectiveness of a single-day coronovirus screening said on Wednesday that preliminary results indicated there was zero transmission inside the venue.

The results were released in two weeks as 1,000 music fans volunteered to participate in the experiment. After passing an antigen test at the site, around 500 people were randomly selected to enter the concert hall. The other 500 were sent home and used as a control group.

All participants were recalled eight days later for a second trial. The results showed zero infection among 463 musicians who complied in the second round of testing, while a control group of 496 people who did not attend the concert had two positive cases.

Those performing the concert were obliged to wear masks inside the concert, but dancing and singing were permitted.

The experiment was organized by The Fight Aids and Infectious Diseases Foundation of Barcelona in conjunction with the Primera Sound concert.

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