Mon. Jan 18th, 2021

Beijing (AP) – Two Major airports in northeastern China require that departing passengers be able to show a negative coronavirus test before boarding their planes in the last 72 hours.

The requirements by Shenyang and Dalian airports come amid a small but steady increase in cases in the two cities located in Liaoning Province, north of the capital Beijing.

Four new cases were announced on Friday in Liaoning, with another five cases in Beijing, where emergency testing was ordered for more than a million people after detecting a small cluster in the northeast suburbs.

Wary of another wave of infection, China is urging to keep millions of migrant workers during the annual Lunar New Year holiday next month, usually the world’s largest annual human migration. Classes are also being dismissed a week earlier than normal and tourists are being asked not to come to Beijing for the holidays.

China on Friday reported a total of 19 new virus cases, including 10 brought from outside the country. A total of 370 people are under treatment with COVID-19 and another 279 are being seen in isolation to test positive for the disease without symptoms. Since coronoviruses were detected in the central city of Wuhan at the end of 2019, China has reported a total of 87,071 cases and 4,634 deaths, although there are some questions as to whether those figures reduce the extent of spread in the country.

Other developments in the Asia-Pacific region:

– Japan’s Emperor Naruhito expressed gratitude to medical professionals and acknowledged the hardship caused by coronovirus in the New Year’s Day message. Naruhito also offered sympathy to those who lost loved ones, lost their jobs or were struggling with loneliness. Over 3,000 deaths have occurred in Japan since COVID-19. Concerns are rising for the capital Tokyo on Thursday to reach a daily record of 1,337 new infections.

– Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen praised the island’s progress in dealing with the coronovirus epidemic and moving the economy forward. In his annual New Year’s Day address, Tsai stated that Taiwan has effectively managed without serious barriers to business and education, believing in professionalism, trusting each other and integrating as a society. The virus was conquered. Taiwan has been lauded for its swift and sustained efforts to incorporate COVID-19, despite its proximity to China, where there are only seven deaths and fewer than 800 confirmed cases.

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