Sat. Apr 17th, 2021

By Alexander Jaffe, The Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) – President-Elect Joe Beiden appeared on television last week after a bipartisan group of lawmakers incited him to an undisclosed location to protect him from violent mobs who were looting the US Capitol.

“The whole room went silent,” Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Min. Remembered, as everyone listened to Biden and asked to pacify the rebellion.

The way lawmakers listened to Biden during America’s darkest moments, he gave Klochuker hope that the new president had a chance to come to Donald Trump’s final country for the presidency.

It is quickly becoming one of Biden’s top tasks as he prepares to take office on 20 January. They have a complex challenge to balance demands for accountability after Trump incites riots against those who worry about further dividing the country.

Any mistreatment could not only hasten the polarization of the country, but threaten Biden’s ability to win other congressional priorities such as quick congressional approval of his cabinet elections and coronovirus response legislation.

For now, Biden seems content to leave decisions to Congress about Trump’s fate.

“What Congress decides to do for them,” Biden told reporters last week, adding, “But I think they’re going to be ready to get on the field, because when Kamala (Harris)) and me Being sworn in, we are beginning, immediately, the important pieces of legislation that will tackle the virus, tackle the economy, and tackle economic growth. ”

Two Republican Senators, Lisa Murkowski Alaska And Patrick Toomey’s Pennsylvania, Called Trump to resign.

Absent that, House Democrats are moving quickly to present articles of impeachment on Monday and vote as of Tuesday. It would give lawmakers an outlet to formally condemn Trump, but the Senate trial would be delayed after Biden addressed other priorities during his first 100 days.

Biden essentially pledged his presidential campaign to “restore the soul” of America as a reaction to Trump. He has said he decided to seek the White House after seeing Trump say “there were very good people from both sides” at a deadly white supremacist rally in Charlottesville. Virginia.

Nevertheless, the rebellion intensified the debate as to how to break with the Trump era.

Many Democrats say Biden is the best way to unify the nation and restore confidence in the government for all Americans to achieve tangible results on issues, including the coronovirus epidemic and the economy.

“We need to get the vaccine out,” he said, “we need to bring the economy back to where it was, which is on its agenda number one on our agenda, so you start with number one on everyone’s agenda We do. “

Steve Israel, an ex New York The Democratic Congress said that in their experience in Congress, when lawmakers “understand that things are going too far, you want to take some steps back.”

“I think there are a lot of Republicans now who want to take some steps back toward the middle,” he said.

But he also emphasized that if Biden expects Trump to move forward, he will have to move fast to show that bipartisan action is possible.

“If President Biden tests Republicans’ appetite for a quick and convincing victory over Kovid’s relief package, or perhaps on infrastructure investment, it will give a message to the entire nation that bipartisanship and treatment are possible,” he said said.

Biden will have to navigate a number of ongoing investigations into Trump’s actions during the US Capitol Breach and try to pressure state officials to reverse the election results in his favor.

He has repeatedly stated that his Justice Department will remain completely independent and will not interfere in any investigation into his predecessor.

Democrats say that is the tone they want him to take. But also important, as Vermont St. Patrick Leahy put it, to hold those involved in this week’s events accountable.

“There was a high number of crimes, felony, that were committed. We have to make sure they are handled.” If we ignore it completely, we tell everyone that you can commit any crime Are what you want because Congress will ignore it. “

So far, at least 90 people have been arrested on charges ranging from curfew violations of misconduct to assault on police officers, felony, possessing illegal weapons and making death threats against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi D-California.

Although Democrats insist that they want Biden to pay attention to issues related to his administration and not to his predecessor’s investigation, he also says that addressing the systemic issues left bare by unequal police treatment of violent capital rioters It is important to do.

Many have noted that the presence and response of the police to the mass white mob was much less and less aggressive than that seen in many protests of the peaceful Black Lives Matter where the crowd was much larger. Biden said it’s important, Democratic strategist Karen Finn said, to accept.

“This is who we are, but this is not what we should be,” she said. “If this is the message, it would be a powerful one to try to start to get us together.”

The last time a new president would react to the actions of his ancestors in 1974, he faced such serious questions. Gerald Ford assumed the presidency after Richard Nixon resigned over his role in the Watergate break-in.

Ford eventually forgave Nixon, a move that was initially deeply unpopular but was later seen as an important step towards treatment.

Historian Mark Updegrove, president and chief executive officer of the LBJ Foundation, said that because of the magnitude of Trump’s actions – and the fact that the country is more divided over his presidency than he was with Nixon – better to stay away from Biden Was. Any action taken against Trump as soon as he steps out of office.

“Richard Nixon, while he lied to the American people and participated in obstructing justice in the Watergate investigation, did not revolt a rebellion on our Capitol and tried to reverse the election.”

Uppgrove said, “Biden has to be very conscious of dealing with President Trump. I think it’s probably in the hands of Congress right now, and the judicial branch.”

Klocher will play the lead role in a bipartisan investigation, which went wrong at the Capitol, and said that whatever his team has found will depend on the Justice Department to act.

But the senator said the inauguration could be the most important occasion for Biden to set a forward-looking tone.

“I can’t think of another year that a peaceful transition of power was more important than this one,” she said.

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