Wed. Mar 3rd, 2021

London (AP) – Trump Baby Blimp will live long after her name is left in the White House.

The Museum of London said on Monday that a giant balloon was added to it, which portrays Donald Trump as a screaming orange baby, depicting protests that greeted the US president when he visited the city in 2018 The form contains his collection.

Museum director Sharon Ament said in a statement, “By assembling the Baby Blimp, we can mark the wave of washing in the city that day and capture a special moment of resistance.”

The Blimp will become part of the museum’s protest collection, which includes artifacts from the women’s suffrage movement, peace activists who protested the war in Iraq in the early 2000s, and recent protests against public spending cuts .

The Trump Baby Blimp was designed by a group of friends who met in a London pub and discussed how they could speak out against Trump’s policies. They came with a large balloon that caricatured Trump as an outcry, gripped the child with a smart phone and topped off with a line of yellow hair.

The blimp flew outside the Houses of Parliament on July 13, 2018, when thousands of protesters protested Trump’s visit to the capital on the streets of central London.

Blimp’s creators said in the statement, “We hope that the child’s place in the museum will stand as a reminder of London’s stand against Trump, but those who see it will inspire it to investigate How can they continue the fight.

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