Fri. Feb 26th, 2021

President Joe Biden has Proposed change for 401 (k) Retirement savings plans will have a major impact on tax breaks provided to 401 (k) participants. If the Biden 401 (k) plan was to become law, the tax deduction for contributions to the 401 (k) would be replaced with a tax credit. As a result of this 401 (k) change, high-income people will receive lower taxes on their 401 (k) savings and lower and middle-income people will receive larger tax benefits.

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Here’s a look at Biden’s proposed 401 (k) changes:

  • The 401 (k) tax deduction will disappear.
  • Instead, workers will receive tax credits for 401 (k) contributions.
  • The tax benefit of contributing to a 401 (k) will decrease for high-income people and increase for low- and middle-income people.
  • Creation of an automated 401 (k) for workers without access to a workplace retirement account.
  • Allowing caregivers to make catch-up contributions to retirement accounts.

Biden proposes to replace 401 (k) tax deduction with a tax credit

Under current tax law, employees can have a fixed percentage of their salary invested in 401 (k) and Pay tax On the money until it is withdrawn from the account. This tax deduction provides the largest tax breaks to people with the highest incomes. For example, an employee earning $ 70,000 per year at a 12% tax rate could put $ 10,000 in a $ 401 (k) and the tax savings would be $ 1,200. But a high-income person earning $ 450,000 annually at a 35% tax rate has to pay $ 10,000 in a 401 (k), which gets a tax break of $ 3,500.

Biden’s proposal would eliminate the tax deduction for contributions to 401 (k) and replace it with a Tax credit. “Biden is proposing a similar tax break no matter what your income level is,” says Brian Bibbo, head advisor for the JL Smith Group in Bryan Bibbo, Ohio. “The proposed tax credit is 26%, whether you’re at $ 70,000 or $ 450,000.”

The Biden campaign states that this 401 (k) change will “equalize” the tax benefits of 401 (k) plans among different groups of employees. According to a statement on, “Biden will equalize the benefits on the income scale, so working families receive substantial tax benefits when they invest money for retirement.”

Tax changes may also apply to 403 (b) accounts for nonprofit organizations, universities and government employees, and 457 accounts for state and local government employees. “At 26%, everyone is getting equal credit,” says Matthew Schwartz, a financial advisor in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The credit may be refundable, meaning that workers who do not earn enough for the credit to offset their income tax liability will still receive the value.

For 401 (k) workers who do not have access to one

A significant portion of the workforce is not qualified 401 (k) tax breaks Because retirement plans are not provided by their employer. Pew Charitable Trust found that 35% of private sector employees over the age of 22 work for a company that does not offer a 401 (k) retirement plan. Millennials (41%) have the least likelihood of accessing an employer-sponsored retirement plan, but a third (35%) of Gen Xers and 30% of baby boomers are unable to take advantage of the tax benefits of the 401k plan.

The Biden administration is asking for the creation of an “automated 401 (k)” for those who do not have access to retirement accounts through their jobs. “Many people are not able to contribute to a pension or 401k (s),” Bibbo says. “(Biden’s proposal) would create an automated 401 (k), which could be private-based or government-based. People who don’t have access to a 401 (k) would have access to a 401 (k) All they can do is to contribute and come out of their paychecks. “

Catch-up contribution to career

These potential 401 (k) changes indicated by the Biden campaign could significantly alter the tax benefits of 401 (k) plans and create new savings opportunities for retirement, especially for those who currently have 401 ( K) do not have access to. These Biden 401 (k) proposals are not current law and the structure of these potential 401 (k) regulations is subject to change.

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