Wed. Mar 3rd, 2021

London (Reuters) – Unless the United Kingdom is fundamentally reformed, it can quickly become a failed state as many have lost faith in the way they control the country, and one of London’s elite In the interests of, former Prime Minister Gordon Brown said.

“I believe the election is now between a reformed state and a failed state,” Brown wrote in the Daily Telegraph newspaper. “It is indeed Scotland where the discontent is so deep that it threatens the end of the United Kingdom.”

“Whoever thought in London? ‘According to Brown, who served as Labor Prime Minister from 2010 to 2010 in 2007, Whitehall has seemingly invisible men and women who feel they are forgotten men and women .

The five-year Brexit crisis and the COVID-19 crisis have weakened the bonds that bind England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland to the $ 3 trillion economy.

Brown said that Prime Minister Boris Johnson should improve the way the United Kingdom is governed.

“From Kovid-19 Batter, threat from nationalism, and uncertainty over what Brexit calls the promise of ‘Global Britain’, the United Kingdom must immediately rediscover who holds it together and unravel that which went apart Has been, “said.

(Reporting by Guy Foulbridge; Editing by Kate Holton)

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