Fri. Feb 26th, 2021

Rome (AP) – Italian Premier Giuseppe Conte will formally tell his faltering coalition government on Tuesday that he intends to offer his resignation, his office said on Monday.

Conte survived two confidence votes in Parliament last week but lost his absolute majority with the insult to ex-Prime Minister Mateo Renzi, a key ally in the Senate. This affected the effectiveness of his government in the midst of the epidemic.

Conte’s office said Monday night that the premier would inform his cabinet at a meeting on Tuesday morning that “to go to Quirinale (presidential palace) to resign.”

Conte then intended to have a meeting with President Sergio Materella, who could accept the resignation as head of state, possibly asking the premier to try to form a more solid coalition that would hold a majority in parliament. Can command

Materella could also reject the offer. But he has often stressed the need for solid leadership for the nation as it struggles with the COVID-19 epidemic, with its devastating effects on Italy’s long-standing economy.

After consultation, the president can also accept the resignation and tap someone else to try to form the government. If one cannot forge a more viable, reliable coalition, Materella has the option of dissolving Parliament, setting the stage for elections two years in advance.

Conte has led a long-running center-left coalition for 16 months. Earlier, for 15 months, he led a government with the populist 5-Star Movement, the largest party in Parliament, but aligned with the right wing League Party of Mateo Salvini.

That first government collapsed when Salvini lent his support in a failed bid to win the premiere for himself.

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