Fri. Feb 26th, 2021

Houston (AP) – The Police said an officer was shot dead in a fatal shootout in Houston on Monday.

The suspect, who has not been named, was in critical condition at a hospital, Houston Police acting assistant chief Troy Finer said at a news conference.

“Who knows, if the suspect had continued to roam he could have killed someone else,” Finer said. “The officer protected himself and protected all the citizens of this neighborhood.”

Two people were sitting in a vehicle and were talking on Monday afternoon, when the suspect said, a black man who was a witness was not instigated, rushed to the vehicle and opened fire, one of the people was traumatized. Did, Finer said.

Finer said the suspect then went to a convenience store and “pointed the weapon at several civilians” but did not open fire. Then, Finer said, the suspect fired a few rounds as he walked away from the store.

The officer then saw the suspect. Finer said the suspect opened fire on the officer and the officer opened fire, causing the suspect to flee.

Finer said the officer, who is white, is a four-year veteran of the force. The officer who was not injured has not been named. He is placed on administrative leave during the investigation of the shooting, which is standard department protocol.

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