Wed. Mar 3rd, 2021

Corpus Chris, Texas (AP) – Bernie Sanders went from becoming a hit meme in less than a week to a nearly $ 20,000-crochet doll.

after Vermont The senator went viral on social media for her simple inauguration day, which is one of the fashion choices of quirky brown mittens and over-size olive green coat, Tobey King. Texas Got to do crouching. She changed the sensational image that lasted into a crochet doll for days.

It sold for $ 20,300. Yes, you read that right.

“It’s mind-blowing because I knew Bernie was trending because of that picture, and I already had a Bernie pattern and a Bernie doll. So I settled and got that, and I gave that super quick Revised, “said the king.

But recreating Sanders’ exact look, which captured people’s eyes, and laughingly, took King in about seven hours of crocheting, in addition to the one he had invested in the design a year earlier. And her attention to detail is evident, portraying the iconic Mitten who stole the show on opening day.

King said, “Soils are not so hard that it is just changing some color, a special stitch.”

The 46-year-old Raja initially posted pictures of the 9-inch doll on his Instagram account and liked thousands of likes and comments. On Saturday, she posted the doll on eBay and later auctioned it for $ 20,300, which she said would be donated to Meals for Wheels America. Their donation was inspired by Sanders, whose campaign created sweatshirts with an image on them and donated all proceeds to Meals on Wheels in Vermont.

“That may be my objective; This is my new path, ”said the king. “It’s a new way of helping people in a way I’ve never been able to before.”

King, who lives in Corpus Christi, Texas, said more than 30,000 people bought the Sanders Doll crochet pattern from her Erts store. He said he hoped Sanders would approve of his efforts.

“I really hope that he thinks it’s something good and I’m doing something good,” King said.

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