Fri. Mar 5th, 2021

Here’s what’s happening Saturday with the epidemic in America:

Known three times:

– An Associated Press analysis shows that black people lag behind whites in many parts of the US in receiving COVID-19 vaccinations. Statistics released by 17 states and two cities tell the same story: Through January 25, black people were inactive at levels below their share of the general population. An early look at the racial breakdown of those receiving the shots is particularly disturbing given that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say blacks, Hispanic and Native Americans are dying from the virus at nearly three times the rate of whites.

– The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued an order that would require federal property and some means of public transport to be worn nationwide on planes, trains, subways, buses, taxis and ride-shares. The order will be effective from Monday night and passengers will be required to wear masks covering their nose and mouth during transportation and during the ride. The order exempts children under the age of 2 and makes it unsafe for people with a disability to wear masks, although transport operators may require medical documentation as evidence.

– Hospital systems around the country are engulfed in flames under the accusation that they are playing favorites when it comes to who gets the first crack at COVID-19 vaccines. As millions of Americans wait for vaccines, the number of accounts of hospital board members, major donors, and others continues to grow, dropping out of line. In Rhode Island, Attorney General Peter Neronha opened an investigation into reports that two hospital systems had offered board members vaccinations. “We all know that the stakes are incredibly high. Naronha said, people are disappointed, they are scared. “Given the lack of supplies here, every dose is important.”

BY THE NUMBERS: California’s COVID-19 infection rate and hospitalization have declined over the past two weeks, but its death from the disease is increasing. After taking six months to reach 10,000 deaths and five more to double that mark, the nation’s most populous state reached 30,000 deaths in just five more weeks and 40,000 in another 20 days. Helped. In the past week, California has recorded an average of 544 daily COVID-19 deaths, and its epidemic has reached 43,000.

Worthy: “We’re going to see a wide and spread of racial health disparities that were here before the epidemic and worsen during the epidemic if our communities can’t access the vaccine,” Dr. New York emergency physician. Uche Blackstock said. CEO of Advancing Health Equity, an advocacy group that addresses prejudice and inequality.

ICYMI: Many states have had trouble with the rollout of their vaccination programs. In Seattle, a broken freezer forced many hospitals to vaccinate hundreds of people in the middle of the night. In Philadelphia, officials stopped vaccinations at a downtown convention center, at least temporarily, after word was revealed that the city had hired a 22-year-old graduate student in psychology to run things on site with some staggering startups . On his resume

On HORIZON: Chicago’s school district and teachers’ union are still talking about the district’s order for K-8 teachers to return to the classroom for a person who can return to the classroom – a game of chicken that May arrive by Monday. Mayor Lori Lightfoot said that even though the city and union have not reached an agreement to reopen the schools for the first time since March, she hopes the teachers will remain in their classrooms on Monday morning and have threatened to take any additional action Granted. “If they are not. The union said that prior to the vaccination of teachers to return to the person’s instruction and without other safeguards they would be at greater risk of contraction of the coronovirus, and if the teachers were penalized for not returning on Monday, a work stoppage in the district. Will be wrong

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