Fri. Mar 5th, 2021

By Alan Fram and Brian SLODYSKO, Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) – A fiercely divided house carried out the rape. Marjorie Taylor Green closed both of her committees on Thursday, an unprecedented punishment that Democrats said she earned by spreading hate and violent conspiracy theories.

His inflammatory remarks, underlining the political narrative, gripped his party, with almost all Republicans voting against the Democratic move but none defending his long history of abusive social media posts.

Yet in a jubilant moment, a freshman Republican from a dark-red corner of Georgia took his side to the floor of the House. She offered a mixture of backpacking and finger-pointing, as she wore a black mask adorned with the words “Spanish”. “

The Chamber has the latest example of conspiracy theories about the party line 230–199 vote becoming a political battlefield, an increasingly familiar phenomenon during Donald Trump’s presidency. The Senate faces a lawsuit next week for impeachment of its House for inciting a mob after attacking the Capitol with its false statement of election stolen.

Thursday’s fight also underscored the turmoil and political complexities that Green – a master at rousing Democrats, promoting himself and raising campaign money – has indicated since becoming House candidate last year.

Eleven Republicans joined 219 Democrats in support of Green’s rejection from his committees, while 199 GOP lawmakers voted “no”.

Addressing his colleagues, Green tried to disassociate himself from his “words of the past”. Opposing previous social media posts, she said she believes the 9–11 attacks and mass school shootings were real and no longer believes the principles of the QAnon conspiracy, including Democratic-run pedophile rings Lies about.

But she apparently did not apologize for the helpful online comment she has made on other topics, when she spoke about the possibility of assassination of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi or the Jewish-controlled space rays. And he described himself as a victim of unscrupulous “big media companies”.

He said that news organizations “can take small, tiny pieces of words that I say, any of us, and portray us as someone we are not.” He said the House punished him “if we are in a real big problem” but “tolerates members who hurt the American people in the riots” – a clear reference to last summer’s social justice protest That in some cases turned violent.

Green was on the Education and Labor Committee and the Budget Committee. Given past skepticism over school shootings in Florida and Connecticut, Democrats specifically agreed to the education panel about her work.

The political imperative for Democrats was clear: Green’s support for violence and decisions was a dangerous and deserved punishment. Democrats and researchers said there was no clear precedent for the removal of a legislator from a committee for the full House, a move usually taken by the leaders of his party.

Calculations were more complex for republics.

Although Trump left the White House two weeks ago, his devoted followers are many among the party’s voters, and he and Green are allies. Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-California. It is expected that the GOP victory in the 2022 elections will make him the speaker. Republicans could ease that scenario by isolating passionate supporters of Trump and Green, and McCarthy took no action to punish him.

Pelosi angrily told reporters, “If any of our members threatened the safety of the other members, we would be the first to expel them from the committee.” She said she was “deeply concerned” about the GOP leaders’ acceptance of “excessive conspiracy theorists”.

At one point, Maryland’s No. 2 Democratic leader Stany Hoyer headed to the Chamber’s GOP with a poster of a Green Facebook post from last year. “Squad’s worst nightmare,” Greene wrote in the post, which caught him holding an AR-15 shotgun next to three photos of four Democratic lawmakers, all young women of color, who are nicknamed.

“They are people. They are our allies, ”said Hoyer. He mimicked Green’s pose while holding the weapon and said, “I’ve never seen one before.”

The Republicans began to tread carefully, but the rally scored.

McCarthy said Green’s previous opinion “does not represent the views of my party.” But without naming the culprits, he said that Pelosi had not taken the membership of the committee from the Democrats, which were mired in controversies. Those whom he implicated were repulsed. Ilhan Omar, D-Min., Who committed insults against Israel, for which he later apologized.

“If that’s the new standard,” he said of Democrats’ move against Green, “we have a long list.”

Rep. Tom Cole, R-Okla., Said Democrats were setting an example by punishing lawmakers for statements they made before being candidates for Congress. Rep. Jim Giordan, R-Ohio, warned, “You engage in the wrong talk, you’re in the Thunder Dome,” a term for an enclosed wrestling arena.

The committee’s actions are important for legislators to shape legislation affecting their districts, build national prestige, and increase campaign contributions. Social media stars such as Green could also find it difficult to define themselves without the spotlights provided by the committee.

Not all Republicans were in a mood to forgive, especially in the Senate. There, fringe GOP candidates have lost movable forests in recent years and leaders worry about continued engagement with Trump and the conspirators will suffer more.

The chamber’s minority leader, Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., Called Green’s words on the GOP and the nation “cancerous” this week. On Thursday, South Dakota’s No. 2 Senate GOP leader John Thune extended that thinking.

Thune said that House Republicans needed to issue a “really strong” rebuke of Green’s conspiratorial totals. The Republic “must get away from overbearing members in conspiracy theories,” Thune said. “I don’t think it’s a productive course of action or going to lead to much prosperity politically in the future.”

The fight took place the day after Republicans voted to resolve another fight and led by Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wooo. Pro-Trump conservatives tried to oust him because he supported Trump’s impeachment.

The House’s proposal to punish Green was barely one page. It said the House’s rules required lawmakers’ behavior to “reliably reflect” on the Chamber and said Green should be removed “in the light of conduct.”

News organizations have revealed countless social media videos and “likes” in which Greene accepted absurd theories that stated that in 1999 John F. Hillary Clinton’s answer behind Kennedy Jr. Green’s death was, “Stage is being set,” when someone posted a question. About hanging Clinton and former President Barack Obama.

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