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Note: Some charters on this list may have limited operations due to COVID-19. Check with the operators about availability before you book.

The shining emeralds of the Gulf of Mexico are overflowing with underwater life. There are few better places to put a line than Destin, Florida, Called “the luckiest fishing village in the world”. Warm coastal waters and sugary white sand beaches are also one of the most beautiful places in the state for fishing. You just need to decide the fishing experience you are most interested in booking.

Onshore fishing is done along the shoreline, from pier to pier, or from a small boat within a few miles of the coast where the water is less than 30 meters (about 100 feet) deep. This type of fishing requires more casting to deal with light and is both live and artificial bait and is more consistent year-round. You can also catch fish from small vessels, such as a kayak or canoe. Various species of fish are expected to hatch, including tarpon and several species of snapper.

Nearby fishing trips in Destin will take you about 10 to 20 miles. The distance varies depending on where you are. Along the Gulf Coast, guides will usually stay within state waters, 9 miles from the coast. Sonar and radio technology can benefit from this type of fishing. Light tackle is acceptable for most species, but larger fish and sharks require heavier lines. These waters and bottom fishing along the reefs include grouper, cobia, barracuda and red snapper.

Offshore fishing, also known as deep sea fishing, is carried out more than 9 miles from the shoreline and typically 20 to 30 miles. This type of fishing requires a large investment of time, large watercraft, heavy fishing and weather gear, and a greater reliance on sonar and radio equipment. Climate and weather affect the types of fish you catch, but expect red snapper, marlin, amberjack, mahi-mahi and wahoo to hook.

All phishing charter trips shown below include phishing licenses, rods and reels, tackles and baits. The crew will filter and bag your fish, and some local restaurants will also prepare it for you. Some companies require additional fees if live bait is required. Also note that charters leave daily, although individual times will vary depending on the company and the length of your outing. Patrons are required to bring their own food and beverages (not glass bottles) and coolers for their fish. Keep in mind, it is customary for the captain and crew to tip between 15% and 20% at the end of the trip.

IntraCoastal eXperience offers two types of fishing charters. Nearby Gulf is the company’s most popular trip with the most fishing. This charter typically originates between 2 and 5 miles from shore to catch mahi-mahi, blackfin tuna, triggerfish, king and Spanish mackerel and grouper. The total cost of a four-hour experience for one to four people starts at $ 650. The extra hour costs $ 150 per hour (up to a maximum of eight hours). Inhaster Bay Charter takes anglers with bodies of water that lie between the mainland and barrier islands (think: Khand and Kharad). These shallow waters are sparkling with redfish, spotted trout, flounder and black drum. Costs start at $ 600 for four to one hour. Additional hours are at a rate of $ 125 per hour (up to six hours). Note: Traveling with five or six people will cost an additional $ 100 per person for both inshore and adjacent charters. The patron speaks of the experience on his ship and appreciates the expertise of the captain. Anglers also say that the captain ensures that novices catch a lot of fish.

Gulf-angler fishing charters

Gulf-angler fishing charters own four boats and offer everything from calm water voyages to deep sea fishing expeditions. Nearby tarpon and light tackle fishing voyages aboard a 24-foot catamaran-style boat. These trips focus on fly-fishing for terpon. The 40-foot Infinity Sportfish, Gulf-Angler’s largest boat, specializes in offshore voyages. The boat has many facilities (such as a smart TV, sleeping quarters and a couch). Two other boats are also available for charter. Critics say this is an incredible fishing experience and regularly praises knowledgeable and attentive captains. Fees vary depending on the charter, but you can expect to pay $ 160 to $ 220 per hour. All charters require a minimum four-hour rental and the company recommends booking at least six hours to maximize fishing opportunities. Trips can last up to 14 hours depending on the boat. The trip may consist of four to six people, but those numbers will vary by boat (additional fees may also apply).

OCD fishing charters specializes in fishing charters adapted for anglers of all ages and levels of expertise. The company tailors travel to see what kind of fishing you want. Species include mahi-mahi, redfish, Spanish mackerel and sailfish. Adventure anglers can enjoy OCD’s shark fishing chart. Passengers ‘reviews are positive: patrons appreciate the captain’s knowledge and efforts to accommodate trip-takers’ desires to catch a variety of fish. The company’s fleet consists of three sport fishing boats. From mid-August through May, rates range from $ 700 to $ 760 for a four-hour trip, while a 10-hour outing costs around $ 1,750 to $ 1,900. Rates are slightly higher from June to mid-August. The company recommends trips for four people but will accommodate a maximum of six passengers with a surcharge of $ 100 per person. Children are welcome. Live bats are either caught or can be purchased at an additional charge.

Huntress team specializes in deep sea fishing charts. Depending on when you fish (and how long you choose to fish) you can catch barracuda, blackfin tuna, white snapper and bonito. The company ran charters throughout the year, including trips to the Destination Fishing Rodeo, which take place every October. Huntress Charter Fishing operates trips throughout the year and requires a minimum booking of four hours. June to October rates range from $ 920 for 14 hours to four hours to $ 3,220. (Note: A minimum rental of eight hours is required in October.) Rates between November and May start at $ 900 for a four-hour trip and $ 3,150 for 14 hours. The trip can accommodate a maximum of six people and children are welcome. The patrons say they enjoy their trips and the captain always knew where the fish would be found.

Passengers can choose from five different charter trip options aboard Crystal Beach Charters’ 36-foot Ocean Cat or 45-foot Hatteras yacht. Beginners and families can benefit from a five-hour trolling trip that takes you on an inshore hunt for mackerel and bonito. Alternatively, choose a 12-hour specialty trip with either deepwater trolling or bottom fishing to catch swordfish, wahoo, sailfish and more. Critics say this is one of the best fishing experiences he has ever had and it was the highlight of his trip to Destin. All charters carry a maximum of six passengers. Fees can vary depending on the journey you choose and you can expect to pay anywhere from $ 1,125 to $ 2,700 for your trip. Additionally, the company guarantees “no fish, no pay” for trips of six hours or more.

Sweep deep sea fishing boats

These deep-sea fishing boats, SWOOP I and II, are 65 feet and accommodate 40 passengers for fishing trips. Generally, the boats will be 20 miles. The Swoop offers many fishing trip options and anglers can catch fish such as red snapper, black groper, white marlin and gray triggerfish. Trips last six to eight hours and last year. Prices vary depending on the duration of your trip and the time of year you fish. You can expect to pay around $ 60 to $ 110 per adult and $ 70 to $ 100 per child ages 6 to 12. (Children 5 and younger are not allowed.) You will receive less in January and February Can score rate. Private charts for 40 angles are also available. Most passengers say the experience is fun, the crew is great and you will catch a lot of fish. Others say that it is a more economical option for fishing.

Olin Marler Charter Fishing and Dolphin Tours

Olin Marler says that Florida has the largest fishing fleet on the Emerald Coast. The company offers party boat fishing (think: a maximum of 40 people for a ride) with expertise in trolling and bottom fishing. The types of fish preservatives commonly captured from this boat include snapper, mackerel, grouper, and amberjack, although this varies by season. The 65-foot boats are designed with microwaves, bathrooms and sleeping accommodation. Passengers generally enjoy their outings, praising the captain and crew for their help. Others comment that the trip was average compared to other fishing charters they would experience. Party boat charters last for four, six or eight hours. The fees are around $ 80 to $ 115 per person, depending on how long you are there. Private group fishing charts are also available for 15 anglers in the form of dolphin cruises.

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