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JERUSALEM – Israel has begun loosening sanctions nearly six weeks after it entered its third nationwide lockdown to prevent the spread of coronaires.

Some businesses resumed on Sunday and people are now allowed more than a kilometer (half mile) away from their homes. But schools remain closed and international flights are severely restricted.

Israel launched its third national lockdown in late December, as new infections spiraled out of control. Israel has recorded more than 686,000 cases of COVID-19 since the onset of the epidemic last year and 5,074 deaths, according to Health Ministry data.

At the same time, the country has started a major vaccination campaign. More than 3.4 million Israelis have received the first shot of the Pfizer vaccine, and at least 2 million have received the second dose.

– Britain’s aggressive vaccine gamble paid off, while EU caution slowed it down

– California amends Indoor Church guidelines after Supreme Court decision

– Health officials warned the Super Bowl to be a superspreader event, urging people to gather with friends online

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CAIRO – Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi says his country needed 70 million shots of the coronovirus vaccine, with between 30-35 million people in the first phase of a campaign launched last month.

El-Sisi said in televised comments late Saturday that the first phase of the country’s vaccination campaign targeted health care workers, the elderly and people suffering from chronic illnesses.

However, the Egyptian leader said that the response among health care workers has been between 45% and 50%. “There are people who say we don’t want” to be vaccinated, he said.

The Arab world’s most populous country with more than 100 million people, Egypt received a 50,000-dose shipment of the Chinese-made Sinopharm vaccine in December and another 50,000-dose shipment of AstraZeneca vaccines last month.

According to the state-run Al-Ahram newspaper, the government has stated that it reserved 100 million doses of approved vaccines.

Colombo, Sri Lanka – Sri Lankan health officials say they will start vaccinating the general public against COVID-19 next month.

Currently, the ministry is conducting a vaccination campaign to vaccinate more than 260,000 frontline health workers and selected military and police officers.

The vaccination began last week when India donated 500,000 doses of the Oxford-Astrazenica vaccine, the only vaccine approved by the regulatory body in Sri Lanka.

San Francisco – Government of California. Gavin Newsom’s office says it will issue revised guidelines for indoor church services after removing the state’s ban on indoor worship during the coronovirus epidemic.

In California’s most significant legal victory against COVID-19 health orders, the High Court told California that it could not continue with a ban on indoor services during the coronovirus epidemic, but that it could attend to up to 25% of a building’s capacity. Can limit and restrict singing. And chanting inside.

Newsom’s office said it would continue to enforce the restrictions imposed by the High Court.

SANTA FE, NM – New Mexico reported 424 additional confirmed COVID-19 cases and eight deaths on Saturday as coronovirus outbreaks slowed in the state.

The latest figures released by the Department of Health raised the state’s epidemic totals to 177,214 cases and 3,386, but rolled out the average of two weeks of new cases and daily deaths in the past two weeks.

According to data from The COVID-Tracking Project, the average of daily new cases rolling decreased from 847 to 22 January on Friday, to about 571 on Friday, and the rolling average of daily deaths fell from 29 to 18.6.

According to the Arkansas Department of Health, the number of hospitalizations continued to decline recently as there were 58 fewer people admitted to the hospital in Arkansas on Saturday.

According to the health department, 750 out of 808 hospitalizations were reported on Friday due to the virus-causing disease COVID-19, while reported cases increased to 1,341 and 11 more deaths.

Overall, the number of both deaths and cases has declined during the past two weeks, according to Johns Hopkins University data.

According to Johns Hopkins data, the seven-day rolling average in the state has declined to 40.86 per day since January. The average number of new cases has been reduced from 1,963.86 per day to 1,737.14 from 22 to 31.29.

According to the state health department, there were 306,064 total virus cases and 5,061 COVID-19 deaths in March.

Rio de Janeiro – In general, the Sambadrome of Rio de Janeiro will be preparing for its biggest time of the year: the world’s most famous carnival parade.

But a week before it began, the coronavirus epidemic has replaced the substitute. The festivities continue until next year as the Rio clashes with an increase in coronovirus cases. The city opened a drive-through immunization station at the Sambadrome on Saturday, where cars lined up on the broad avenue built for the float.

“It is usually a place of joy. Today it is also, because we are using an act of citizenship and we are opening sambadromes for vaccination, ”said Paulo Roberto Machado, a 68-year-old nurse who teaches at the University of Veiga de Allieda.

Machado has participated in a 40-year carnival parade here. But on Saturday, he was coordinating 20 volunteer nursing and medical students to vaccinate people over the age of 90.

Rio has recorded more than 17,600 confirmed deaths – in any city in Brazil, even in São Paulo, which has almost double its population.

OKLAHOMA CITY – The number of alleged coronavirus cases in Oklahoma has exceeded 400,000.

The state’s health department on Saturday registered 2,053 new cases. The additional 51 deaths increased the confirmed death toll to 3,761.

Data from Johns Hopkins University shows that Oklahoma ranked fourth in the number of new cases per capita in the nation, with 855 cases per 100,000 residents. The data shows that 37 to 34 deaths have occurred in the state in the last two weeks, with a rolling average of seven days of deaths per day.

According to the federal Centers for Control, more than one-half of Oklahoma residents have received the coronovirus vaccine, including 114,208 people who received both doses.

WASHINGTON – The nation’s top health officials are sounding the alarm about a possible coronavirus supersreader incident at Super Bowl celebrations.

They are urging people to gather with friends on the zoom, not in crowds or bars and parties. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs will play at a partially filled stadium in Tampa, Florida on Sunday. The city has acquired 150,000 donated masks that will be handed over to authorities.

The game is taking place during a fall in new coronovirus cases – a sign that the December holiday celebrations may reduce the infection spike. However, health officials are concerned that bowl parties may spread new cases with people outside their homes.

“We’ve already seen outbreaks from football parties,” said Rochelle Wallensky, head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “So, I really think we need to watch this and be careful.”

According to Johns Hopkins University data, the seven-day rolling average for daily new cases dropped from 180,489 to 125,854 on Friday, January 22.

However, coronavirus is killing more than 3,000 Americans a day. The total death rate in the country is 460,000.

PHOENIX – Arizona’s death toll from the coronavirus epidemic crossed 14,000 on Saturday.

The Department of Health reported 63 new deaths, bringing the state’s total number to 14,011. It registered 3,471 more cases on Saturday.

Health officials are urging football fans to organize Super Bowl gatherings with members from outside their home.

Arizona has reported a decrease in cases, hospitals and deaths since the December holidays. However, public health officials have warned against complacency and urged caution on Super Bowl weekend.

Arizona has the 11th highest number of deaths in the US, with 44,000 deaths, followed by California (43,00), Texas (39,000), Florida (27,000) and Pennsylvania (22,000).

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