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Mountains of colorado, Forests and rivers make ideal settings for zip lines. US News considered these trips to be the best for exhilarating rides amidst striking scenery, thanks to passenger input and expert opinion. Zip line courses are located in different parts of the state, but all of them share one key element: experienced guides who will help you make the most of your zipping time, whether you’re a first timer or an experienced zip liner.

Note: Zip line tours have age and weight restrictions, which vary by company. Also, these tours are not recommended for anyone who is pregnant.

Royal Gorge Rafting & Zip Line Tours – Extreme Zip Line Tours

During this walk, tour-makers can reach speeds of up to 60 mph on 11 lines with a combined distance of more than 2 miles. The tour ends with side-by-side racing lines, which stop atop a seven-story tower from where the adventure can descend via a free fall device. (Climbing down using safe ropes is another option.) Previous patrons always described the tour as very enjoyable and the guides were very helpful. Trips depart from the company’s office in Cayon City, which is located approximately 55 miles to the southwest Colorado Springs. Tickets for the three-hour tour, which runs throughout the year, start at $ 139 per person. Morning (9:30 am) and afternoon (1:30 pm) start times are available, with additional departure times in warmer months. Royal Gorge Rafting and Zip Line Tours, as its name suggests, offer a combination of zip lines and rafting as well as a short, two-hour zip line tour.

Durango Adventures and Zipline Tour – 12 Zipline Tours

A dozen zip lines are visible on this outing in the surrounding San Juan Mountains and Ponderosa Cedar forests, as well as in Durango, southwestern Colorado. You will also take a short hike through the mountains and have a chance to cross a rope bridge. Guide teams consistently win enthusiastic praise for their help, good humor, and commitment to safety. For most of the year, tours take place three times daily, starting at 9am and 1pm and 4pm through November, with tours starting at 10am and 1:30 pm through February (additional time Peak may be available in the summer months.) Participants for this 12-hour activity start at $ 129 for children 12 and older and $ 100 for children ages 5 to 11. Keep in mind, closed-toe shoes are required; Sandals are not allowed.

AVA Colorado Zipline – Idaho Springs Cliffside Zipline Tour

Adventurers can zip 2,360 feet of cable during this excursion, including a pair of 600-foot dual race lines. The journey also has scenes of the continental divide. The outing ends with a zip on Chicago Creek. The reviewers were appreciated by the reviewers for being very kind, helpful and knowledgeable. Tourists also said that the guide made them feel safe. The three-hour tour operates from March to November. The exact departure day and time depends on the time of year, but you can expect to leave around 9 a.m., noon and 3 or 6 p.m. Tickets cost approximately $ 110 for adults and $ 100 for children 6 to 12. Tours depart from Idaho Springs, which sits about 35 miles west Denver. The AVA Colorado zipline also runs tours out of Buena Vista.

With 10 lines, some of which are more than 100 feet above the ground, the tour offers adrenaline seekers the chance to reach speeds of up to 50 mph during a 2-mile cable. You will get a little bit of a workout, as some hiking is included to access the lines. The guide is considered useful for tour-ups of all experience levels. Mountain views also win high marks. 2 90- to three-hour tours cost $ 90 per person. The course is located in Castle Rock, about 30 miles south of Denver. The EDGE also has an aerial tracking course and a climbing tower.

Soaring Tree Top Adventures – Soaring Zip Line Tour

This all-day activity begins and ends with a train ride on the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge railroads. Between rail journeys through the mountains, participants can enjoy approximately 5 hours of zip lining using 27 cables on private land surrounded by the San Juan National Forest. The tour guides both to assist in the safe operation of the zip lines and to educate visitors about local sustainability efforts. Tours regularly inform the guide as friendly and knowledgeable. Additionally, they say the excursion is very fun. Trips run from mid-October to May. Trains depart from either the Durango or Rockwood train depots. (Note: Trains are the only way to reach the growing tree top adventures.) The total time of your journey will vary depending on your departure point, but you can expect the trains to leave at around 8 or 9 am and approx. Will return at 4 or 5 pm The ticket price of about $ 600 includes a four-course lunch, train ticket and use of all equipment.

Top of the Rockies Zipline – Standard two-hour standard zip line tour

Located on the Rocky Mountains, the two-hour excursion offers six zip lines, amazing views of Mount Albert and the mountain. One of the lines goes on a railroad track, meaning that sometimes lucky zip liners can travel in a moving train. Guides are generally considered professional, friendly and entertaining. Ticket prices – $ 125 for adults and $ 100 for children 7 to 12 – include a shuttle van ride to stare at the first zip line at an altitude of 11,200 feet. Tours running from mid-June to midnight, wintertime zip line tours at noon and 3pm are also available.

Zip lines are a fun holiday activity whether you are traveling alone or with a group.(Getty Images)

The course of the tour consists of six nickname lines with progressive levels of intensity, starting with a relatively short “Bunny Line” and ending with a 1,000-foot-long “What Was I Thinking” line. Tour-takers also have the option to try the Canyon Plunge, which features a daring plummet 65 feet below the zip line at a speed of 20 mph. (You’ll be securely attached to a robust device that features a magnetic braking system to slow down the speed during the final descent.) The patrons appreciate the guide’s knowledge and good humor. They also highly recommend Canyon Plunge. The tour usually lasts for about 2 more hours and starts from 8 am to 6 pm. Outings run from late April to mid-December. Fees start at around $ 160 per person, which includes the optional Canyon Plunge. Zip Adventures is about 25 miles northwest, in Wolcott well.

Adventures Out West – Colorado

The five zip lines cliff-to-cliff mean that the base has no towers to climb this adventure set Pikes Peak. Although there is no tower, know that you will be taking short hikes between zip lines. Both scenic hill views and informed and entertaining guides win playdits from past patrons. Tourism lasts from 1 last to two hours and is available throughout the year, but it varies from season to season. Tickets start at $ 90 (which includes bottled water). Tours go on in the Colorado Springs area. Adventurers can choose to meet the guide at Zip Line Park or take them to a local selected by the company hotels. Adventures Out West has many other types of excursions including hot air balloon rides and bike tours.

Glenwood Canyon Zipline Adventures – Happy Hour Zip

After walking back and forth across the Colorado River for two hours, adventurers can enjoy a drink at a nearby pub. Approximately $ 40 ticket price for this nominated tour includes a draft beer or well cocktail. You will also get a discount on food in the pub. Tour-guides regularly comment on the guides’ commitment to professionalism, enthusiasm, and safety. Tours begin daily from 3pm in late May to early September. The tours exit Glenwood Springs, about 45 miles to the northwest Aspen. The company offers other Zip Line tours of varying lengths, as well as combination packages that combine pair lines with activities such as whitewater rafting.

Denver Adventures – 6-Zipline Adventure in the Rocky Mountains

Featuring half a dozen lines ranging in length from 850 to 1,900 feet, this zip line tour is set in the Rocky Mountains. The speed on the cables can reach a fast 60 mph. The guides win acclaim for their masterful instructions and entertaining banquets. The tours take place every day throughout the year during the winter at 10 am and 1:30 pm (mid-November) and several times daily from March to late October. This 2 ½-hour outing costs $ 10 for participants and $ 80 for children 10 and older and 5 to 9. years old. As the company is named, you will find Denver Adventures close to Denver – it is located about 30 miles into a nature park. Southwest of the city. Denver Adventures also operates the Sunset Zip Line outing, among other tours.

Steamboat Zipline Adventures

The six lines of the tour offer panoramic views of the Flat Mountain Range and the Yampa Valley. Speeds can reach 40 mph on segments ranging from 600 to 1,300 feet. In addition to assisting users of the Zip Line course, the guides provide entertaining insights about the terrain and local history that tourgoers enjoy. The two-hour tour also includes an all-terrain vehicle ride. You can zip the line between October and October, and tickets cost about $ 95 per person. Steamboat is located at Zipline Adventures Steamboat springs.

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