Fri. Mar 5th, 2021

Berlin (AP) – Heavy Snowfall in Germany led to more severe traffic disruptions on Tuesday, including a 37-kilometer (23 mi) overnight logjam with hundreds of cars and trucks stuck on the highway for hours in sub-zero temperatures.

Hundreds of vehicles were stranded on the A2 highway in western Germany throughout the night in that traffic jam, Bighefeld police reported early Tuesday. German news agency dpa reported that rescue teams went from car to car to hand over blankets and hot drinks.

Traffic jams due to snowfall and icy roads were also reported earlier in the state of Brandenburg and in the state of Hesse in central Germany. Train service in many areas was partially canceled as snowplows were working around to free snowflakes and snow tracks.

The country’s transport minister called on the Germans to stay home and avoid traveling.

“When conditions are this extreme, even the best turnout heating and the best snow plow can reach their limits,” Andreas Skeur said.

The German weather service DWD predicted more snow for northern Germany, especially for Schleswig-Holstein. Since the weekend, parts of Central and Northern Europe have been vulnerable to cold weather.

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