Fri. Mar 5th, 2021

London (Reuters) – The Last week, 100-year-old Captain Tom Moore’s daughter, after contracting COVID-19, paid tribute to her father on Wednesday, presenting him as a lively guru who sparked hope and joy with his mischievous charm .

Moore roamed around her garden with the help of a frame for National Health Service workers to raise tens of millions of pounds and struck a chord with people from around the UK and the world.

In a statement, his daughter Hannah said, “He was a wonderful man with the biggest heart.” “We hope that the world will continue to spread the hope and love felt by my father and that we can have a good day for each other tomorrow.”

She said, the family remembered her humor and her poignancy.

“She was our world. Not hearing her chuckle in the house, catching the mischievous twinkle in her eyes, listening to the commotion in the corridor of her now famous walking frame,” he said.

“We are already remembering their routines, like feeding oatmeal to dogs from their bowls or sitting in the kitchen every day for lunch and asking us how our day is going.”

His efforts and intelligence spread joy amidst the serious news of the coronovirus outbreak: Moore’s message to the world was that the sun would shine again and the clouds would clear up.

Moore died on 2 February at Bedford Hospital in central England. He tested positive for COVID-19 on 22 January and was fighting pneumonia.

“He inspired hope in so much time and captured the heart of the nation and the world in his time of need. He made a place in the hearts of so many people and because of this we understand that we are not mourning alone,” Daughter said

(Reporting by Guy Foulkenbridge; Editing by Michael Holden)

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