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If you are or were Married in the past, you may be eligible to apply for Agile Benefits of social security. “Spousal benefits are often underlined,” says Ken Moriff, a certified financial planner at Retirement Planners of America in Plano, Texas. The exact amount you will receive will be determined by factors including your age, work history and marital status.

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When applying for social security related benefits you can expect the following:

  • You can get up to 50% of your spouse’s social security benefits.
  • You can apply for benefits if you have been married for at least one year.
  • If you have been divorced for at least two years, you can apply that the marriage lasted for 10 or more years.
  • Starting benefits early can lead to a decrease in payment.
  • If you have a work history, then you will get your profit or spousal benefit, whichever is higher.
  • To be eligible, your working spouse will need benefits already claimed.

To get the most out of your zone social Security Benefits, it can be helpful to be aware of the amount you may be eligible for, as well as how much the timing of your claim may be affected.

Social Security Spousal Benefit Eligibility

You must have been married at least one year before Apply for social security benefits. Says Moriff, “If your spouse has applied for Social Security benefits and you are at least 62 years old, you are eligible for fickle benefits.

If you have a work history, you may be eligible for personal benefits. In this situation, you can get your personal benefits if it exceeds spousal benefits. If you qualify for $ 1,000 as a personal benefit and $ 500 for a spousal benefit, Social Security will send you a higher amount of $ 1,000.

How much hope is there for Spousal Social Security benefits

If you start paying at full retirement age or older, your spouse will have 50% of the benefit. The Full retirement age The birth varies by year and the age is usually 66 or 67. If you are married and your spouse starts collecting $ 2,000 a month at full retirement age, your spousal benefit will be $ 1,000 when you start paying at your full retirement age.

When to claim Social Security Spousal payments

If you decide to start collecting spousal benefits before your full retirement age, you can expect to receive a lower amount. If your full retirement age is 66 and you start receiving fickle benefits at age 62, you will receive 30% of your spouse’s monthly benefits. If you claim fickle benefits at the age of 65, you will receive a little less than 50% of your spouse’s monthly benefit, depending on the month you start collecting payments.

Depending on your situation, you may be eligible to receive quick benefits without deductions. “If you are caring for a child under the age of 16 and receiving Social Security, you can collect spousal benefits soon without a reduction in seasonal benefits,” Josh Trubo, in Waltham, Massachusetts Sensitive financial planning involves certified financial planners. You will need to get married for at least one year before applying for benefits.

When it comes, the spousal benefit is different from the personal benefit payment delay. If you delay personal benefits before full retirement age, the benefit increases over time. However, the spousal benefit is maximum at full retirement age. There is no benefit in delaying your spousal benefit claim after your full retirement age.

Benefits of Divorce and Social Security

If you are divorced, you must be married through your former spouse to be eligible for marriage for at least 10 years. In addition, you must be divorced for at least two years and currently unmarried. “You and your ex-husband must both be at least 62,” says Ben Barzide, a wealth adviser at Pearsley Financial Group in Barrington, Illinois.

If you marry someone else after getting a divorce, you will not be eligible to receive fickle benefits through your former spouse. Instead you will be eligible for playful benefits based on your new spouse’s work record.

In the event that your second marriage ends in divorce, you can choose whoever is to receive the same benefits as the highest, provided the other requirements are met and both marriages last for at least 10 years. “If your second marriage did not take place for 10 years, you would still be eligible to take benefits on the record of your first spouse,” Barzide says.

What happens to the payment of social security if a spouse is nearby

Some events, including the death of a spouse, may affect your benefits. You may be eligible to get one Social security survivor benefits Equal to the full benefit your spouse gets. “If you’re married and your spouse has passed away, the surviving spouse will hold more than two Social Security payments,” says Steve Sexton, CEO of the Sexton Advisory Group in Temkula, California. If you are divorced and your ex-husband has passed away, you can still claim the remaining benefits of 60 or older. To be eligible, the marriage must last at least 10 years.

If your spouse passes away and you remarry, the benefits may change. Barjidih says, “The thing to remember in obtaining the benefits of survival is that if you remarry before the age of 60, then it is eligible to be collected on the record of your deceased spouse or deceased former husband Will bite. ” “This can be a very expensive decision, because when a spousal benefit brings you up to 50% of the other spouse’s benefits, a survivor benefit will entitle you 100% of those benefits.”

If you get married at 60 years or older, you will still be able to collect the remaining benefits from the records of your deceased husband or deceased former husband. “You can let your profits grow until the age of 70,” says Barjidih.

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