Sat. Feb 27th, 2021

LISBON, Portugal – Portugal is receiving more help from its EU partners to jointly offer medical personnel to reduce pressure on epidemic-ridden hospitals with France’s Luxembourg.

The Portuguese Ministry of Health says that France is sending one doctor and three nurses, while Luxembourg is providing two doctors and two nurses.

The Health Ministry said in a statement late Thursday night that medics should arrive next week.

The German military earlier this month sent eight doctors and 18 nurses to Lisbon Hospital for help.

According to Johns Hopkins University, the number of COVID-19 patients at the hospital and in intensive care fell on Thursday for the third straight day, but the average daily death of seven days in Portugal was the world’s highest at 1.97 per 100,000 people.

Germany has restored some border controls to fight the variants. Dr. Fauci expects coronovirus shot ranges that may cause virus deaths in US California by April. African countries still encouraged to use the AstraZeneca vaccine. President Joe Biden’s virus-fighting team is on a war strategy to defeat the coronovirus.

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Melbourne, Australia – Australia’s second largest city will begin its third lockdown due to the rapidly spreading COVID-19 cluster that focuses on hotel quarantine.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrew Andrew says a five-day lockout will be implemented in the state of Victoria to prevent the virus from spreading to the state capital Melbourne.

Only international flights that were already in the air when the lockdown was announced were allowed to land at Melbourne Airport.

A population of 6.5 million people will be shut down by 11:59 pm the same evening on Wednesday due to an infectious British version of the virus infecting 13 people for the first time at a Melbourne airport hotel.

The Minister of Health stated that Melbourne, Australia – Australia is on track to produce and administer its own version of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine by the end of March.

Health Minister Greg Hunt was speaking at the plant of biotechnology company CSL Ltd in Melbourne, where the first dose is scheduled to be completed.

The first of Australia’s 20 million doses of the German-made Pfizer vaccine to be administered in late February.

The first of 1.2 million doses of the overseas-produced AstraZeneca vaccine are to be available in Australia in March, although the Australian regulator has yet to approve it.

The government says that Australia’s relatively low incidence of COVID-19 does not justify emergency vaccine approval.

The government hopes that everyone among Australia’s population of 26 million who wants to be vaccinated and over the age of 16 will use the vaccine by October.

Wellington, New Zealand – New Zealand’s first coronavirus vaccine supplements are scheduled to arrive in the country next week, with the range expiring from 20 February, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced on Friday.

New Zealand regulators had earlier this month given provisional approval for the vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNotech.

Ardern says it is happy to receive it for the first time ahead of Pfizer’s initial schedule given the pressure on global demand.

There is no community transmission of the virus in New Zealand and the country’s 12,000 border workers are considered the most vulnerable to catching and spreading the disease as they interact with oncoming travelers, some of whom are infected.

However, New Zealand’s success in ejecting the virus also means that the general population will have to wait longer than many other countries to receive vaccine supplements. Officials say they would expect normal vaccination to begin in the second half of the year.

A COVID-19 version first identified in Southern California appears to be spread across at least 19 states and several other countries, a study published on Thursday suggests.

According to the study, about 44% of the variant’s Southern California cases came at the end of January, nearly double that of a month earlier. It was first identified in a single case in July and was rebroadcast during a surge of leave in cases in the Los Angeles area.

More research is needed to determine whether the variant spreads more easily than other COVID-19 variants or causes more disease, said co-author Jasmin Plummer, a Cedar-Sinai researcher.

Was published online in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

The country’s top infectious disease specialist, Dr. Anthony Fauci wrote in an accompanying editorial that new forms will continue to emerge until the virus is less likely to spread.

LOS ANGELES – Los Angeles is temporarily closing five large vaccination sites, including Dodger Stadium, which lacks supplies as the state faces continued criticism over the vaccine rollout.

Mayor Eric Garcetti says the city will phase out the supply of the first dose of Modern – two required for full immunization – forcing it to close drive-through and walk-up vaccination sites on Friday and Saturday.

They cannot reopen until the city gets more supplies, probably next Tuesday or Wednesday. Small mobile vaccination clinics will continue to operate.

Garcetti says that Los Angeles uses about 13,000 doses on a typical day, but only 16,000 were received this week.

“This is not where I want to live,” Garcetti said. “This is not where we deserve to be.”

According to Johns Hopkins University, California has recorded the highest number of deaths from coronovirus ever with 45,496.

However, other coronovirus numbers are improving in the state.

The seven-day test positivity rate has dropped to 4.8%, and the most recent daily number of confirmed positive cases was 8,390, down from 53,000 in December.

NEW YORK – US health officials are now recommending that people who have been fully vaccinated against coronovirus no longer have to go into quarantine for 14 days after being exposed to an infected person.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention quietly posted updated guidance this week. It states that people who are vaccinated can skip the vaccination, if they are asymptomatic, and if their contact with an infected person occurs at least two weeks after receipt of the last dose in the two-shot vaccination series and after the last dose is received. Happened within three months of.

The recommendation is made by the CDC about people who develop immunity after being infected with COVID.

San Francisco – The increase of COVID-19 cases at the University of California, Berkeley has prompted school officials to extend the lockdown on approximately 2,000 students in the halls of residence and bar them from outdoor exercise.

The university says more than 400 mostly undergraduates have tested positive since it began in mid-January. A weekly breakdown shows around 200 positive tests since the beginning of February.

The lockdown is initially extended for at least 1-8 February through mid-month. Strict new rules ban outdoor exercise that goes beyond state guidelines that encourage people to opt out for exercise.

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