Fri. Feb 26th, 2021

By Alexander Jaffe, associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) – For the presidency for four weeks, Joe Biden says he is still being used for office trappings.

Biden preferred to stay at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue during his CNN Town Hall on Tuesday night.

“I wake up in the morning and look at Jill and say, ‘Where are we?’

“I find myself extremely self-conscious,” Biden said, adding that he was unaccounted for.

Biden’s working-class upbringing in Scranton, Pennsylvania, has long been a central part of his political brand. He recently lived in a large house in Wilmington, a suburban area.

The White House has a large lawn that has an unmatched view of Washington and Lincoln monuments, but is otherwise surrounded by high fences and a small army of guards. Biden said it was “completely separate” from the Vice President’s residence, located on 80 acres (32 hectares), and offered ample room to swim, explore and exercise in greater privacy.

The former vice president said he had been in the Oval Office for 100 years or more, but never in residential areas of the White House.

Even if the residence still seems new, Biden suggests that he is already deeply rooted in presidential work.

“Sometimes, because things are moving so fast, not because of the burden, it feels like four years,” Biden said. “It is not because of the burden, it is because there is so much happening, that you are focusing on you, you are constantly focusing on a problem or opportunity.”

Biden confirmed that he had picked up the phone to talk with one or more of his predecessors but declined to say who.

He said: “By the way, all of them, with one exception, picked up the phone and called me as well.”

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