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Note: Some companies on this list may have limited operations due to COVID-19. Check with the operators about availability before you book.

If a trip to Texas Hill Country is on your journey, you will not miss the opportunity to explore some of the region’s finest wineries. Many companies offer outings to explore a variety of offerings. US News has compiled this list of the best Fredericksburg, Texas, wine tours using both traveler opinion and expert sentiment. Choose from full or half day tours and perhaps discover a new favorite wine.

Seller Rat Wine Tours – Group Tour

On this tour, which is limited to 10 people, the guide will take you in a passenger van from wherever you are in Fredericksburg and will stop at three local wineries, breweries or distilleries. The tour includes lunch at a local restaurant, where you can order whatever you like as part of the ticket price. At the conclusion of your tour, the cellar rat will drop you back in your Fredericksburg hotel. Travelers greatly admire their tour guides, whom they describe as very knowledgeable and are able to complete the tour based on wine tasting preferences. The tours start at 10:30 am and are available daily except on Tuesdays. Tickets are approximately $ 180 per person, which includes tasting fees, lunch and taxes. Sailor Rat also offers food and wine tours along with private tours.

The 290 wine shuttle service allows groups to hop and hop at 16 different wineries in Texas Hill Country over a period of one day. You can stop as long as you want at each stop and catch the next available shuttle to get to the next winery. Tours in On the Barrens begin at Creek and visit many local favorite locations including Grape Creek Vineyards, Safari Winery and Texas Wine Collective. Tourogers say the shutters are on time and they like music. Air-conditioned shuttles run every 10 minutes on Saturdays from 10 am to 6 pm. An all-day pass starts at $ 39.99 per person, although it does not include tasting fees (which cost about $ 18 per place). Children 10 and older can ride the shuttle, although they will have to pay a per-person fee. The company also offers private tours.

Majesty Wine Tour – Sapphire Tour

On this tour, participants will stop by three different winners and enjoy lunch at a local restaurant in Fredericksburg. The trip picks up passengers from their hotels around 11:30 am, and then allows them to taste five or six wines at each location. You will have time to enjoy a glass of wine, buy bottles and listen to live music (if available) at each stop. Tours end between 4:30 and 5:30 pm, and are offered daily. Tickets for the weekdays start at $ 139 per person and $ 155 per person on Saturdays and Sundays. Price includes tasting fees and lunch. Travelers praise the drivers of this tour, describing the lunch as excellent and recommending the tour to future visitors. The company also offers several other winery tours.

Creekstreet Wine Tours – Gold Wine Tour

On this five-hour tour, travelers will visit three Hill Country wineries and enjoy a boxed lunch, bottled water and snacks. The trip takes passengers to Fredericksburg hotels, and shares information about each winery on the way. The reviewers highly recommended both the guide and the tour, saying that they experienced superb service and enjoyed the food. Ticket prices start at $ 160 per person, although taxes and gratuity are not included. You can also opt for a limousine instead of a van for an additional fee. Tours are available on most days and at 11 am Creekstreet offers a less expensive Silver Wine Tour as well as a Platinum Wine Tour and a Starlight Wine Tour in the evening.

George’s 290 Wine Tours – Short PM Tour

Enjoy a stop at three Hill Country wineries on this four-hour tour, limited to 10 to 12 people (depending on whether you travel in a van or limo). Stops may include Kuhlman Sellers, Lost Draw Cellars and William Chris Vineyards. Tourists recommend this experience and say that you will be treated like a VIP, saying that the guides are knowledgeable and fun. Tickets start at $ 155 per person, which includes taxes and tasting fees. The tours begin at 12:45 pm, run until around 5 pm and are available daily except on Saturdays. George’s 290 Wine Tours have a premium five-hour tour with a picnic lunch as well as a private tour.

Cottonwood Wine Tours – Hill Country Officer

If you are staying in San Antonio Want to explore more Texas wine country, This tour is for you. The 8-hour trip takes passengers to Four Hill Country Winery and stops in Fredericksburg for 90 minutes so that guests can enjoy shopping and lunch. Participants say that they really enjoy the tour. Many comment that the guide is super knowledgeable and the wines are excellent. Ticket prices are approximately $ 165 per person, and tours leave at 10 am, return at 6:30 pm with 14 trips daily and a maximum of 14 participants. Cottonwood Wine Tours also includes other offerings, including a focus on wine education and visits to the San Antonio breweries.

Texas Grape Wine & Limousine Tours

If you want a customized tour of Hill Country Winery, consider Texas Grape Wine and Limousine Tours. This company personalizes your tour for three local wineries with a knowledgeable guide along with a guide limousine. The company specializes in wineries with sweet, dry and bold wines. Reviewers highly recommend the tour, praising the guide, wine and service. The trips last about five hours and run from 11 am to 4 pm. You can book them daily, and guides can pick you up from your accommodation. Ticket prices start at $ 110 per person and include wine glasses, bottled water and snacks. However, lunch and tasting fees are additional expenses.

Texas Wine Tours – 3 Winery Tours

Texas Wine Tours will take you to your Fredericksburg accommodation or the city’s visitor center and take you to three local wineries in a comfortable coach. The tours run from 1 to 4 or 5 pm daily. Reviewers recommend the tour, citing great guides, top service and a diverse winery selection. Ticket prices start at $ 139 per person. Tax is not included in the price, but it covers 15% gratuity. The company also offers breweries tours and winery tours with lunches, as well as a bachelor tour.

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