Fri. Feb 26th, 2021

Federal prosecutor Six more people are believed to be linked to the swearing-in militia group that accused the US Capitol of plotting the January 6 attack, alleging that the Congress’ presidential election results Been preparing for weeks to interfere with certification. .

The prosecution said on Friday that six others were worked with, who were believed to be affiliated with the sworn accusers last month. The group of nine are facing charges of conspiracy to commit crimes against the US, as well as charges related to property destruction and unlawful entry.

According to the prosecution, during the rebellion, one of those seven worked together to form a “stack” – a military-style formation in which individuals hold each other’s back – forcibly, according to the prosecution. To disband the Capitol Building.

The group members are also accused of communicating with other sworn officers prior to the attack and for coordinating travel plans. Graydon Young, prosecutors say, is one of the men who arranged for firearms and combat training for himself and others on Friday. 6.

The oath-keeper is an extremist, anti-government paramilitary group with different cells in different states and territories.

Recent abetters include Young, 54, Englewood, Florida; Kelly Meggs, 52, and his wife, Connie Meggs, 59, both of Dunnellan, Florida; Laura Steele, 52, of Thomassa, North Carolina; And Sandra Ruth Parker, 62, and Benny Alvin Parker, 70, are a retired married couple from Ohio, Morrow.

Thomas Caldwell, 65; Jessica Watkins, 38; And 50-year-old Donovan Kraul was also charged in the superseding indictment announced on Friday, though the three were charged last month and were among the first to face conspiracy charges in connection with the uprising.

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