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Note: Some companies on this list may have limited operations due to COVID-19. Check with the operators about availability before you book.

Rugged mountains, lush green forests, deep valleys and verandahs Maui This make it a destination for everyone from experienced zip line aficionados to newcomers to the activity. Factoring in both traveller’s spirit and expert opinion, US News determined that the following tours are the best available to make the most of your aerial adventures.

Note: Zip line tours have age and weight restrictions, which may vary from one company to another. These tours are not recommended for anyone who is pregnant.

Skyline Hawaii – Kaanapali 8-Line Adventure

The 1,000-foot-deep canyon and a platform over eight zip lines that sit 150 feet above the ground are two standout features of the tour in Kantapali. Its guides win enthusiastic praise for their friendly support, knowledge and good humor. The three-hour Gent has a ticket price of about $ 160 per person. Tourism starts at 8 am and noon except on Sundays and holidays are chosen. Skyline Hawaii offers many different zip line tours, including long and short options, as well as one that combines activity with a waterfall.

Piiholo Ranch Zipline – 5 Line Premier Tour

The tour’s five zip lines – including side-by-side lines that are popular with families – speed on the farm’s alleys, forests and grasslands under its name. After riding a 1,420-foot line, tour-uppers are sent back for mountaineering for unimpeded views of the island. The acclaimed fifth ride, the longest side-by-side line available on Maui, takes passengers up to 600 feet in the air. The guides consistently win praise for their help, professionalism and knowledge about the sights. Visits occur multiple times daily, usually starting at 9 and 10 am. However, the schedule may vary by season, and afternoon visits may be available. Tickets for the three-hour outing start at $ 165. (Those who like to walk the course and forego zip linings can do so for $ 25.) Short tours and one that cover both zip lines and 23-mile bike rides are available as well.

Maui Zipline – 5 Line Tropical Adventure

All zip lines are side-by-side on this ½-hour excursion, so those wishing to race have that option. The lines are 300 to 900 feet long. A walk with the family starts with a beautiful walk, providing views of the mountains, Haleakala And the coast of the island. Along the way, the guides provide commentary about the area and its culture, which makes the participants seek both entertaining and informative. The tours cost around $ 125 per person per day at 10 am and 12:30 pm and 3 pm, but if a group member wants to roam the garden grounds without using zip lines, they can do so for free. Welcome to .

Northshore Zipline Co – Seven Zipline Adventure

On this northern coast, zip lines, towers, platforms and suspension bridges are overlooked by the sea. Speeds on the lines, one that extends up to 900 feet, can reach 40 mph. Tours regularly describe the guide as patient, confident and entertaining. Several morning and afternoon visits start every day except Sundays. Tickets start at $ 119 for approximately two hours of activity. (There “Skerry-Cat” refunds are given to anyone who does not wish to continue after the first two lines.) An added bonus for veterans and history lovers: The course is located on the ground that never existed at Camp Maui, East. Was part of Headquarters for the US 4 Marine Division during World War II. Related memorabilia and vehicles can be viewed on site.

Jungle Zipline Maui – 8 Lines Zipline Eco Tour

In addition to offering eight zip lines, the tour features a tree-to-tree suspension bridge and two swinging bridges, as well as an optional free-fall ride. The tours take place daily from 9 am to 2 pm. Tour-takers enjoy both the view of the valley and the friendly, knowledgeable and committed staff for safety. Ticket prices – which are $ 17 for participants and $ 135 for older and $ 67.50 for youth ages 6 to 16 – include a two-hour tour as well as snacks and beverages. (Those who like to walk through the tropical park of course can do so for $ 10.) Groups are usually limited to 10 people, but larger parties can be accommodated upon request. Jungle Zipline Maui also offers a five-line version of the tour.

Kapalua Zipline – 7 Dual Zip Line Travel

All seven zip lines on this tour – which measure approximately 10,000 feet in total – are dual cables that allow riders to zip along side-by-side and race any other member of their group if they so choose Huh. The approximately 3 approximately hour expedition includes a hike through the surrounding rainforest, as well as an all-terrain vehicle ride over the mountains. Patrons guide experts on the plants and animals of the Diem region, as well as being able to help riders. From August through August, daily start at 8:30 and 9 am and 1:30 pm. The price of the tickets – $ 210 per person – includes a locally developed pineapple and a reusable souvenir bottle. Tours using the company’s five or six lines are also available.

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