Fri. Feb 26th, 2021

By Howard Fendrick, A.P. Game writer

He eagerly gets upset every time he throws a baseball after Stephen Strasburg’s five-point innings in his right wrist ended, he said, on Sunday, and “basically numb in my thumb.” Will make my whole hands numb. “

Speaking to reporters for the first time before closing in August, citizens of Washington said the problem went away shortly after the 15-minute carpal tunnel surgery.

“I have not taken any residual effect from it. … I think, if anything, reinforcing all the work I’ve done has only improved the speed of my pitches, “Strasburg said.

The 2019 World Series MVP started preparations for this season much earlier than usual, making a light catch on January 1 instead of November 1 in mid-December and throwing bullpens in early January instead of January at the end of the month. .

“Endurance-wise, stamina-wise, I think I’m far ahead of (me) in previous years,” I said. “I wanted to give myself some extra time to work through some mechanical things and get ready to go on Day One.”

He was: The 32-year-old was throwing a mound with teammates during Friday’s workout.

“He is one of our workforce. And it was hard not to see him outside. But for me, if he was ever going to get hurt and was ever going to fix an issue, that time came last year, ”said manager Dave Martinez. “I’m glad he got well, and I’m glad he’s feeling great.”

Strasburg said the stop-start nature of last year’s epidemic-affected program – spring training was discontinued in March, then teams resumed preparations in July – was tough on their hand.

There was an uncertainty about when the so-called “summer camp” would begin, so Strasbourg would throw in a trap to try to be prepared.

It was when things escalated again that the numbness first surfaced.

“If I knew it was going to start when I did, I certainly wouldn’t have picked up a baseball just for the time being,” he said. “It hurt more than I helped.”

Note: Martinez said SS Trey Turner could “possibly” move from the leadoff to the No. 2 or 3 spot in the lineup. “We are running a lot of different lineups, different numbers, talking to a group of our analytical people. Honestly, I would like to get the (cf. Victor) robots at the top of the lineup, even if it is only against left-handed pitching. “… Citizens would love to avoid the bad start that was started to beat in 2019 (19-31), so how do they do it?” Martinez said he could ask players of the position to play in seven, eight or nine innings of the game’s final 10 days of the exhibition. “I want these people to be ready on April 1,” he said.

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