Fri. Feb 26th, 2021

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Madison, Wis (AP) – Wisconsin A wolf season opened on Monday after wildlife officials advocated hunting, fearing the Biden administration might restore safety for the animals.

The hunt will run in six management areas on Sunday. The Department of Natural Resources provided 4,000 permits on Monday morning and informed the winners. The notification allows hunters to be taken into the forest as soon as they receive their license and carcass tags.

The DNR set a killing limit on 200 animals. The department can quickly select management areas near the border as hunters. The agency estimates that Wisconsin has at least 1,000 wolves and aims to maintain a population of 350.

Wisconsin law requires the DNR to run a wolf hunt from late February to early November. But wolves have been bouncing back and forth on the federal endangered species list for the past decade. The DNR made its first hunt in 2012 when the Obama administration removed security and two more ran before the animals were re-listed in late 2014.

The Trump administration delivered wolves to most parts of the US again in January. DNR was preparing to hold a season in November, but A. KansasHunting advocacy group, Hunter Nation, received an order from a Jefferson County judge that forced the agency to conduct a season before the end of February. The group argued that President Joe Biden’s administration could restore security for wolves before November and deny predator weather.

Wolf management has been one of the most controversial external issues that Wisconsin has grappled with over the past 20 years.

Farmers and residents of northern Wisconsin say wolves kill their animals and pets. According to DNR data, the state paid farmers and dog owners a total of $ 189,748 in 2019 to compensate for the loss of wolves. It paid $ 144,509 in 2018 and $ 102,600 in 2017.

Conservationists say that the wolf population is not stable enough to hunt them and the animals are too beautiful to allow this.

Democratic MLA in Neighbor Minnesota A bill banning hunting wolves has been introduced in that state. Maureen Hackett, founder and president of Holling, a Minnesota-based wolf advocacy organization, issued a statement Monday condemning Wisconsin’s poaching.

“As top predators, (wolves) have the social and biological structure to control their own pack size and numbers,” she said. The political decision to remove federal Endangered Species Act protection for the wolf is against public sentiment and sound science.

An animal rights group calling itself the Wolf Patrol plans to monitor poachers in northern management areas starting on Monday. In 2016, then-Republican Gov. Scott Walker signed a bill preventing people from disturbing hunters in the wild in response to allegations that Wolf Patrol members chased and filmed wolf hunters in Wisconsin Montana in 2014.

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