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By meg shemale, associated Press

Mumbai, S.C. (AP) – As political observers have clouded the future of the Republican Party following the presidency of Donald Trump, the former president is making it clear that he will continue to play an active role. Supporting trumps South CarolinaDrew McKissick, the GOP chairman for a third term, is playing a role in not only grappling with state level politics but also maintaining the local party structure in places that support his presidency.

“He asked if I had anyone running against me, and I said, ‘No, and I’m trying to keep it that way,'” McKissick said on Monday with the former president for more than a week. Told the Associated Press before his call. “He said, ‘Yes, this is the best way to do it.”

McKissick, an old Republican activist and adviser, has presided over the GOP in South Carolina since 2017, where Republicans control both legislative chambers, all statewide offices and all but one congressional seat. Home to the first-in-the-South presidential heads, South Carolina plays an important role in the nomination process, hosting several candidates seeking the top slots of their party.

Trump’s South Carolina ties are deep. In 2016, then-Lieutenant. Gov. Henry McMaster was the first state-elected official in the country to back Trump, whose primary victory here helped strengthen his front. Trump paved the way for McMaster’s promotion by naming Tab-Gow. Nikki Haley Ambassador to the United Nations.

Despite the fiasco in 2016, Trump and U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham have developed a close relationship, particularly on Graham’s advice for Trump’s judicial nominees. The status of Graham’s transfer over Trump has been at odds several times, but a recent visit to Mar-a-Lago indicates that the alliance remains.

As president, McKissick remains a steadfast Trump supporter, successfully throwing off support behind the state’s 2020 Republican primary incumbent, saying McKissick had faced Trump “no legitimate primary challenge” and a “record of results” for the state. In favor of with for.

Now, as some in the GOP largely consider a calculated idea in the post-Trump era, state parties across the country led by chairs like McKissick have shown their loyalty, effectively a firewall as part of the local GOP brand. Priorities and strong standing.

This recently became the case in South Carolina, where last month US Rep. Tom Rice was one of 10 House Republicans to vote to accuse Trump as the then president’s failure to calm the Capitol Hill riots. Were. That night, McKissick said he was “severely disappointed” in Rice’s poll. When the state GOP sharply denounced Rice two weeks later, McKissick said the move was to let state party leaders know Rice “they wholeheartedly agree with their decision.”

Many, including Rice himself, expect the five-year-old congressman to face several primary challenges next year.

Now, as a measure of public support, Trump is backing the award-winning McKissick to his presidency. This is similar to a move by Trump Arizona, Where controversial state GOP president Kelly Ward – among Trump’s most incomplete supporters and prolific promoters of his unfounded allegations of widespread election fraud – was re-elected after a public endorsement of Trump.

At the same meeting, Arizona Republicans voted to cast Cindy McCain and two other prominent GOP members who found themselves crossover with Trump.

When he receives Trump’s support, McKissick says the former president’s impression on the Republican Party remains “tremendous” and that he fully expects Trump to play a major role in the upcoming 2022 midterm election.

“He certainly has a tremendous leading position in our party, just based on how people who came to our party under his leadership came into our party,” McKissick told AP, citing what he was on The campaign was seen as a fulfillment of Trump’s promise to ban immigration reform, conservative judicial appointments and abortions.

“I don’t go over those issues. I don’t see those people going away, “McKissick said. This is what people were able to see in our party, along with President Trump. “

The state GOP will officially vote for its president at a conference held for May.

As for 2022, McKissick – also serving on the Republican National Committee’s nearly formed Election Integrity Committee – said he fully expected Trump to hold primary and general elections “all over the country,” Maga rallies Noting more than $ 250 million raised by the former president in the weeks following his electoral loss.

“It buys a lot of jet fuel,” McKissick said.

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