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Your unemployment The benefit must not come to your bank account, even if payment must come via direct deposit.

While many people receive him Unemployment check In the mail, direct deposit is generally considered a quick, easy way to receive money. But recently – and, indeed, ever since the COVID-19 epidemic began – some people have found that unemployment has delayed direct deposits. The recession has been attributed to everything from the amount of people needing unemployment benefits to technical issues and outdated payment systems.

In other words, if you have not received your unemployment direct deposit, you are hardly alone. States have accounted for unemployment benefits as well as the amount of requests for limited employees. The fact that many government employees worked from home during the epidemic also did not help.

“Many states are reporting a backlog in the processing of unemployment claims,” ​​says Stacey Mastrolia, an associate professor of accounting. Bucknell University In Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. “There are several reasons for these delays – only a few of which are under the control of the person filing the unemployment claim.”

Cause your unemployment direct deposit is late

As stated, some reasons are under your control, and some are not. Here are some possible explanations for why your unemployment may not be a direct deposit:

You entered the questionnaire incorrectly. When you sign up for unemployment benefits, you have to answer questions, and these days most people do so online. You may have wrongly answered a question.

“One of the recent questions asked on a new unemployment claim is whether coronovirus is the primary cause of unemployment,” Mastarolia says.

When you’re not 100% sure that your job loss is directly caused by coronavirus, you should answer “yes,” according to Mastoolia. Answering “no” may mean that you do not receive Unemployment benefit extended Passed by former President Donald Trump and Congress in December.

This is an important reason to call your local unemployment office and talk to someone who may be able to help you, so that the questionnaire is filled in correctly and you can receive your unemployment benefits.

You did not provide all the necessary documents. For example, you may have omitted your driver’s license number or social security number. Filling an online form is not as good as you might think. “Documents missing or information are common reasons that unemployment claims are delayed,” Mastarolia says.

If you call your local unemployment office, you may know this.

You are stuck in a hitch. Mastrolia says that there are even more issues with claims due to the amount of unemployment claims, which means more phone calls are coming in from government agencies than usual.

“Not surprisingly, it has created a broad backlog of applications that require human intervention, while at the same time, it can take longer to manually verify information on an application,” he She says.

This creates a human bottleneck, she says, at an agency that is likely to be understood with employees working remotely.

Systems are out of date. We live in 2021, but the payment system that directly deposits your unemployment can be put together decades ago. In other words, an old system may have acted in a way that unemployment was low, but once the epidemic caused unemployment numbers to rise too much, things became more complicated – and slowed down. “Adding to the human hurdles, many states have acknowledged that their unemployment agencies have outdated systems that were not designed to handle the vast amounts of new claims being processed,” Mastrolia says.

There has been a technical catastrophe. For example, last September, a coding error led to the Ohio job insurance system agreeing to send direct deposit payments to banks without the recipients’ names.

Banks had to find out who the money was for – or simply declined payment – and some Ohioans did not immediately receive their direct deposits. You may be in a similar situation.

Your claim may be placed due to suspected fraud. It is not that the government suspects you of cheating anyone, but your unemployment can go directly to an artist.

At the national level, fake unemployment claims have increased. The states said that dozens of unemployed insurance claims have seen thousands of cases in the last few months. Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Washington and Arizona are just a handful of states that have seen fraudulent claims.

If you find out that you will get the money, then you at least look at the comments of Ohio Lieutenant Governor John Husted, who said in a recent coronovirus briefing: “If you have a valid claim, you have to You will get the money you are eligible for. It is important to know this assurance. “

What to do if your unemployment check or direct deposit is late

First of all, if you are doing an unemployment check, then you should arrange a direct deposit to your bank account instead. While apparently not everyone gets their direct deposit immediately, it is usually a faster option than traveling to check through the postal system.

Next, call your state’s unemployment agency. Tell the customer representative that you are worried that your unemployment insurance payment has not been shown. If there is a problem, the faster your state learns about it, the faster they can fix it.

You should probably also call your bank, says Michael Foguth, Michigan’s financial planning firm, founder of Foguth Financial Group, which has many customers who experience delays or disruptions in their unemployment direct deposits.

Foguth says that even if your state’s unemployment agency fixes the problem and assures you that your check is coming, you want Monitor your bank account And make sure that no automatic payment withdraws the money you have because of your unemployment direct deposit.

If so, don’t worry. “Access your financial institution and explain your scenario,” Foguth says.

“During this unprecedented time, most lenders and collectors are more understanding and forgiving,” he says.

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