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Note: Some charters on this list may have limited operations due to COVID-19. Check with the operators about availability before you book.

Sparkling blue water and tropical climate create Key West, FloridaThe perfect year-round destination for both casual and skilled sport fishing. And when expert anglers come here to reel in trophy fish, like the trophy, everyone can grab a prize – and even their dinner – in these waters. You just need to decide what type of fishing experience you want to experience.

Backcountry is one of the most frequently booked charters in the fishing Key West as it is a favorite with professionals and beginners. This type of inshore fishing takes place on calm, shallow waters in and around mangroves and relies on light tackle or fly-fishing gear. There are a variety of species to catch, including cobia, barracuda, ladyfish, bonefish, and tarpon.

Flat phishing also occurs close to the shoreline, where the water can be 3 feet deep shallow. Leveling boats are specifically designed to elevate the surface of the water above the grass bottoms which are loaded with species such as shrimp and crab. Once spied on his target, Engels saw the fish and made the bait.

Fishing offshore debris (think: ships, planes and submarines) is another option. It is estimated that there are more than 200 debris around Key West. Artificial rocks are associated with debris, which attracts all types of marine species. Expect to find kingfish, wahoo, tuna and gropers at depths of about 100 to 240 feet.

Deep-sea fishing in the Key West is some of the best available in the US. This type of fishing requires large and fast boats that pass through a natural barrier reef in the warm blue waters of the Gulf Stream. Most fishing is done with live bait and lures. Anglers can expect to catch Wahoo, White and Blue Marlin, Kingfish and Barracuda.

Once you have decided on the type of fishing trip, the next decision is to find the right captain and crew to plan your charter. US News identified the following violations as the best available for consultation with both expert opinion and the traveler’s sentiment.

Most prices include fishing license, rod, reel, tackle and bait for the charter trips listed below. Some crew will also clean and clean your fish and keep ice and bottled water on board. Patrons will need to bring their own food and beverages, as well as coolers for the fish they keep. Please note that it is also customary to tip the captain and crew from 15% to 20%. Check with each charter company on additional specifics before booking.

Key West Fishing Connection

Key West Fishing Connection offers custom fishing charters that typically last between four and eight hours. Its most popular voyage is deep-water wreck fishing: Charter anchors live upstream in a shipwreck and use live bait to catch fish such as wow, black fin tuna, and mahi-mahi. This charter is 4 to 10 miles away and hunts fish in deep water up to 250 feet. Other trips to the Key West Fishing Connection include blue water fishing along shallow reefs, longer trips deep water offshore (up to 2,000 feet), and for the more adventurous, a day or evening of shark fishing. Prices start at $ 700 for a three-hour trip and climb as high as $ 1,900 for a 10-hour offshore. Charters usually leave at 7 or 8 in the morning, and a maximum of six people are allowed. The patron spoke of personal attention and expertise of captains. They also comment that you will catch a lot of fish during your trip.

Linda D Sportfishing is a fourth-generation family-owned and -operated company that offers private Key West charters on either the Linda D IV or Linda D V, one of two boats. Both boats can seat up to six passengers and welcome children. Four-, six- and eight-hour charters are available, and four-hour charters have both morning and afternoon departures. Solo passengers and couples can choose a split charter, which allows them to share the boat with other anglers. The passengers praised the captain and called the friend to provide an incredible experience, he caught a lot of fish. Charter prices start at $ 800 for four hours, $ 1,000 for six hours, and $ 1,200 for eight hours. The split charter price is about $ 200 per person for a four-hour trip and about $ 240 per person for a six-hour adventure.

Cowboy Cowgirl Sportfishing Charters

Cowboy Cowgirl Sportfishing Charters specializes in private and shared trips. They have six boats that are 34 to 45 feet in length. Each boat has a maximum of six angles, and children are welcomed on board. Private charters may be reserved for four-, six-, eight-, 10- or 12-hour trips. Prices vary depending on the boats and the length of your charter. You can expect to pay $ 700 for a four-hour excursion on the Cowboys, a 36-foot hatter and a Cogress of about $ 4500, a 12-hour adventure on the Cowgirl. Shared charters are available for four-, six- or eight-hour trips and cost approximately $ 185 to $ 285 per person. Trips typically run daily, but specific boat availability may vary. Critics mention that the captain and friend are sociable and sociable. They also say that they caught many fish. Some comment that this was their best charter experience, whereby they plan to rebook with the Cowboys Cowgirls.

The company offers everything from backcountry fishing on calm waters to 90 miles from dry Tortugas to chase exotic fish species. Prices start at $ 800 for a private four-hour trip and increase to about $ 1,500 for an eight-hour charter. All journeys carry a maximum of six passengers. Split (or shared) rates are available for a four-hour trip and it costs about $ 400 for one to two people. For something different, sign up for one of the company’s special charters. One such outing is a full day (eight to 10 hours) West Gulf Shrimp Boat Trip. It takes miles of adventurous angles, where shrimp boats are stuck overnight for their catch. Once they pull into their net, the prawns sort through their plow and the prawns are separated from what is known as a subchain (a spontaneously caught fish that is released back into the sea). is. When fishing charter boats reach their destination with shrimp boats, the excitement begins as the shrimp remedies return hundreds of pounds of bait to their habitat. Once this happens, a feeding frenzy ensues and anglers start hunting big game fish. Conservators say that it is like fishing in an aquarium. The cost of this particular boat charter starts at $ 1,500 for a full day; An additional fuel surcharge of approximately $ 240 also applies. No more than six passengers are allowed. The passengers praise the captain’s wisdom and friendliness. They also say that it is the expertise of the crew that keeps them looking for fish throughout the day.

This charter company offers a variety of trips directed by Captains who specialize in backcount, offshore and sport fishing. Traditional charters cover everything from family-friendly experiences to action-packed adventures on a nearby excursion, while fishing for fish, fishfish and permits. Specialty charters include wreck fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, fishing on the towers (five Air Force communications towers located far away) and the discovery of hammers and blacktip sharks in the backcountry of Key West. Most of their boats seat one to four passengers, but the company is willing to carry six people on some ships. However, only four people are allowed to fish at a time. The Key West Pro Guide offers four-, five-, six- and eight-hour trips. Prices vary depending on the type of charter. They start at $ 550 for a four-hour backcountry fishing and cost as much as $ 1,500 for an eight-hour special trip. The patrons praise the captains and their overall experience. In fact, one reviewer who has caught fish worldwide says that his outing with this company was one of the best charters he had ever done.

Dream Catcher Charters offers a multitude of boating and fishing charts. Some of the company’s options include shipwreck, reef, deep-sea, backcountry and flat fishing excursions. He also has special trips for bonfishing and fly-fishing. Fishing charts last four, six or eight hours. The cost of an inshore fishing trip is about $ 450 to $ 900 and allows for a maximum of four people. Meanwhile, reef fishing charter fees range from $ 800 to $ 1,500, and deep-sea fishing charts cost between $ 1,000 and $ 1,800. Both of the latter two charters can seat a maximum of six people. Reviewers comment that the captain is skilled and knowledgeable. They also say that the crew is patient with novices. In addition to phishing charters, Dream Catchers run eco-tours and snorkeling trips, among other excursions.

The split fishing chart of this company is available for trips of four or six hours and can seat a maximum of six people. They also offer six-hour party boat tours, summer night fishing and five-hour private charters. The four-hour division chart departs at 8 am and 1 pm and costs about $ 175 per person. Meanwhile, the six-hour journey leaves the dock at 8 am and starts at $ 225 per person. The party boat carries a maximum of 45 passengers, and prices start at $ 66.95 for adults, $ 39.95 for children ages 6 to 12 and $ 24.95 for children 5 and younger. Prices for the company’s private charters start at $ 1,800 for 1 to 25 people and $ 2,200 for 26 to 45 people. These private charter rates include light breakfast and non-drinkable drinks. All of Gulfstream Fishing’s charters cover essential things like fishing licenses, bait and handling your fees. The exception is rods, which are available to rent for $ 5, or you can bring your own. Patrons comment that each boat’s crew is friendly and supportive. They also say that they enjoy meeting people on a party boat and it is a fun experience.

Captain Conch Charters specializes in both split and personal trips. On Split (half day) charters, the captain decides where and what type of species of fish you will target. The company offers four and six-hour options that allow six anglers to catch gropers, tuna, snapper or mahi-mahi. Bottom reef fishing and trolling are some of the strategies charters can use. Private charter options also accommodate a maximum of six passengers and can be booked for four, six or eight hours. Plan to reel in shark, tarpon or merlin on these adventures. Prices for four-hour split charters start at $ 175 per person and six-hour split trips at 8 am and 1 am leave at 8 am and cost around $ 225 per person. Private charter prices start at $ 800 for four hours, $ 1,000 for six hours, and $ 1,250 for eight hours. Most of the passengers talk about their charters, saying that the crew is professional and they have caught a lot of fish.

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