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a 401 (k) plan One of the most convenient ways to take away the dollar for retirement. Funds given in the account can be Deducted from your taxable income That year, more money can be invested into investments with the goal Your savings are increasing For a long time. But perhaps the biggest motivator contributing to a 401 (k) plan is an employer’s 401 (k) match.

Exclusive 401 (k) Match

When an employer decides to offer a 401 (k) plan for its workers, there are a variety of plans on the market to choose from. The type of match given in these schemes may vary from company to company. The two common forms of matching are partial matches or dollar-to-dollar matches.

With partial matches, the idea is that when you Contribute to the plan, Your employer will also put a portion of that amount, based on a formula. “When your employer will match the portion of the money you put into your 401 (k),” says Scott Schlichter, a financial planning specialist group manager and senior financial adviser in the personal capital of Denver, Colorado.

Many companies opt for a partial match in their plan. “The typical 401 (k) match is 50 cents on the dollar up to 6% of an employee’s salary,” says Skeff Bisset, director of financial professional development at the Wealth Continuum Group in Wilson, Connecticut. For example, your employer may offer a partial tally of 50% of your contribution, up to 6% of your salary. If you earn $ 100,000 per year, a portion of your salary that is eligible for $ 6,000 is 6% of your salary. Since the company matches 50% of your contribution, you can expect the employer to contribute $ 3,000, which is 50% of the $ 6,000.

With a dollar-to-dollar arrangement, you can expect your employer to contribute up to the same amount. “An example of dollar-to-dollar is up to 5% of your salary,” Schleicher says. For example, perhaps you make $ 100,000 per year and put 5% of your salary into a 401 (k), which is $ 5,000. Your employer will contribute $ 5,000. If you have saved 2% of your salary to a 401 (k), which is up to $ 2,000, the company will also put in 2% or another $ 2,000. If you save more, such as 6% of your salary (which is $ 6,000), then the company will only keep it at 5% (which is $ 5,000) according to the policy.

Generous employer 401 (k) matches

Some companies choose to offer High match To recruit and reward employees. Here are examples of several companies with generous employer 401 (k) matches:

  • Citigroup
  • Qualcomm.
  • Southwest.
  • UKG (Ultimate Chronos Group).
  • Vimeo.
  • Walmart


Employees who have a 401 (k) plan through Citigroup can expect a dollar-to-dollar match of up to 6% of their eligible salary each year. For example, if an employee contributes $ 6 of eligible salary, the company will also contribute $ 6 for a total of $ 12 investment. This continues until the employee’s contribution exceeds 6% of their eligible salary for the year. Citi additionally provides a fixed contribution of up to 2% of the eligible salary, irrespective of whether the employee contributes to the scheme or not.


Qualcomm, which makes chips for smartphones and wireless devices, has structured its 401 (k) plan to allow employees at the lowest end of the pay scale to achieve a higher level of matching. An employee first gets a 100% match up to $ 1,500 that contributes to the 401 (k) plan. For the next $ 1,500 saved by an employee, the company offers a 50% match. A 33% match is offered for the following $ 7,500. After that amount, employees get a 10% match on their contribution. It continues to the IRS contribution limit, which is $ 19,500 in 2021. Up to $ 26,000 can be contributed for those who are 50 or older.


Workers with 401 (k) plans through the Southwest can expect to double their retirement savings by one point. When workers contribute to the plan, Southwest will contribute up to 9.3% of the employee’s qualified income, matching dollar-for-dollar. Upon entering the company’s plan, employees can roll over money from their previous employer. In addition, employees can choose from a variety of investment options within a 401 (k) plan.


Many employers limit how much of your retirement savings they are prepared to match, but not to UKG. Employees can receive a 45% match on every dollar they contribute to the UKG 401 (k) scheme. The company has no cap on 401 (k) matches. The only limit for the match is the IRS 401 (k) contribution limit.


Through the 401 (k) plan, employees can expect to receive a dollar-to-dollar match of up to 10% of their annual annual gross salary. In addition, the company offers stock options to employees.


Employees with a 401 (k) plan through Walmart can expect a dollar-to-dollar match up to a certain amount. The company agrees to pay any contribution up to 6% of the scheme’s eligible wages. Eligible salaries include regular pay or wages, overtime, paid time off, and differential pay pay during eligible military leave.

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