Wed. Apr 21st, 2021

By DANICA KIRKA associated Press

LONDON (AP) – Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II is encouraging people to vaccinate against COVID-19, saying the shot is quick, harmless and will help protect others from the disease.

In a video call with officials responsible for the vaccination, the 94-year-old emperor compared the effort the UK National Immunization Campaign made during World War II with people working together.

“Well, once you get the vaccine, you know you’re safe, which I think is very important,” Queen said in a tape broadcast call Friday. “And as far as I can make it was quite harmless, very quickly. And I have received letters from many people, who are very surprised to learn how easy it was to get this vaccine. “

The queen also highlighted the fact that getting vaccinated helps protect everyone, not just the person who shoots.

“It’s obviously difficult for people, if they never had a vaccine, because they should think of other people instead of themselves,” she said.

Some 18 million people have been vaccinated in the UK, but concerns remain that some groups that are most at risk, such as Black and Asian people and members of other minority groups, are hesitant to get their shots.

Although the queen had previously been vaccinated, her comments during a video call with recorded health leaders on Tuesday would give more people the word, who might be hesitant, and possibly to recognize Elizabeth’s giant name Can prove to be motivational.

French President Emmanuel Macron doubted the effectiveness of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine developed in Britain last month, citing a lack of data on its effectiveness on older people. Macron has said that the European health authorities have guaranteed the vaccine is “safe” and “efficient”.

The queen and her husband, 99-year-old Prince Philip, received their first dose of the vaccine last month. In an unusual move, Mahal made the information known to prevent speculation about his health.

The call with health officials this week continued with her duties to the Queen, even as Philip rested at King Edward VII’s hospital, which the royal authorities called a precautionary measure. Buckingham Palace said on Tuesday that he was being treated for an infection.

During the conversation, the queen described COVID-19 as a “plague”, which has swept across the world. He urged the immunization campaign leaders to “keep up the good work”.

He compared community sentiment during World War II to the country’s experience of getting vaccinated.

Derek Grieve, head of the vaccination division of the Scottish Government, gave an example of how the people of the Isle of Benebula in Outer Hebrides rallied with the Coast Guard to set up vaccination centers in community halls a day.

“So my permanent reflection, mam, will be whether I can bottle up this community spirit and use it, not only for the vaccination program, but for other things, I think will be done.” They said.

The queen said: “It will not be good.”

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