Wed. Apr 21st, 2021

New Orleans (AP) – One Police said an officer working in a high school basketball game in New Orleans was shot in the chest, who was denied entry into the game.

The shooting took place on Friday evening near the gymnasium at George Washington Carver High School, Superintendent of Police Sean Ferguson told reporters at a press conference.

Ferguson said that after trying to enter the game, the man had a dispute with a staff member. The officer asked to intervene, and the man shot him in the chest, police said.

Two loud bangs were captured on video shared by WGNO-TV as high schoolers play. A photographer from WWL-TV also stated that gunshots could be heard inside the gym.

The school was locked after the shooting, news outlets reported, and the game was eventually called off.

The officer was taken to University Medical Center in New Orleans where he later died. Ferguson said the officers killed were a deputy constable of the Second City Court and a police officer at Tulane University.

Police did not immediately name the officer or suspect who said police were quickly arrested after being shot.

The fallen officer was “a fixture at sports events and parades,” according to a statement from the officer’s high school. “All spectators, families, and players are safe – a testator (officer), security support, school staff, and officer outside the system.”

The school also said that it would offer resources to anyone in the Carver community who needed support in the wake of the shooting.

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