Wed. Apr 21st, 2021

By Charles Ordnance, A.P. Game writer

Atlanta (AP) – Stephen Curry showed his way to a 3-point title and Domantas Sabonis ensured the Skill Challenge still belonged to the bigs.

Golden State Warriors superstar Curry provided a dramatic preview for his seventh All-Star Game performance when he dipped his final 3-pointer to edge Utah’s Mike Conley on Sunday night for the title. Curry also won 3-point content in 2015.

Conley had a 27 point lead before Corley was the final shooter of the competition. Curry had 28 points and 26 points before sinking his final shot from the corner for the win.

Curry said that I can raise the temperature a little.

“It was some terrible competition,” Curry said. “I am glad that I have completed it.”

Subonis of Indiana won the title after being the runner-up to the 2020 Skill Challenge winner and Miami big man Bam Adebayo.

The 6-foot-11 Sabonese did not pass a pass or a 3-point shot to New York’s Julius Randall and Dallas’s Luca Donsick in elimination wins over passing, ball-handling and shooting ability. Donsik lapsed behind missing his first two tests of his passing accuracy.

Sabonis defeated Orlando’s 7-footer Nikola Vucevic in the big men’s matchup for the skills title. Each missed two 3-point shots before Sabonis failed the third attempt and then clenched his fist in the win.

“It was fun,” Sabonis said. “I wanted to come out and make sure I could do it this time.”

Curry had 31 points in the first round to lead the competition. Also upfront were Jason Tatum with 25 points and Conley with 28.

Tatum led the final round with 17 points, making just one shot from the “Money Ball” rack. Conley almost copied in his first outing and it appeared until Curry solidified his reputation as one of the top shooters in NBA history.

The slam dunk contest was scheduled for halftime of the All-Star Game.

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