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COVID-19 epidemic Many may have been introduced to grocery delivery services, but many consumers will continue to deliver groceries to their home doors, when the epidemic is a distant memory.

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After all, it has many benefits Grocery delivery. Jason Randhawa, L says, “These grocery delivery services save me hours every week. Reduced time, coupled with a lack of driving, waiting, and wandering ales, is a reduction in impulse purchases.” Dorado Hills, California-based chef and owner of, which features family-friendly cuisine.

So if you are wondering what apps and services would be best suited for you, here are eight top grocery delivery services:

  • Instacart
  • pea pod
  • Amazon fresh
  • Amazon now
  • Walmart +
  • Boiled dumplings
  • Shipt
  • Hung


This popular grocery app (it is available in the United States and Canada) avoids many grocery stores as well as liquor stores and pharmacies and even some Wholesale warehouses Like Costco and BJ’s wholesale club.

If you become a member ($ 99 per year or $ 9.99 per month), you will not pay any delivery fee on orders of $ 35 and up. There is no additional charge even if you order groceries from several stores, so you can potentially do multiple tasks with one order.

You do not have to be a member; Delivery charges a delivery charge of $ 35 and over $ 3.99, and if your order is less than $ 35, fees will vary.

This is definitely a convenience, but Instacart marks its prices, so you will To save money on groceries By shopping on my own. Nevertheless, if you value your time more than your money, then this service may be worth it.

pea pod

Peepod is regional and mostly available in New York, New Jersey and New England. It previously served the Midwest and the District of Columbia, but alas, no more.

If you spend $ 30 or more, Peapod charges a delivery fee of $ 9.95. If you spend $ 75 or more, the delivery fee becomes $ 7.95. If you spend $ 100 or more, the fee for delivery is $ 6.95.

If you want to bypass the delivery fee, you can spend $ 100 per year, and you will get free delivery for orders over $ 100. If you have an order that is less than $ 100, you will receive a $ 6.95 delivery credit.

It is also worth noting that Peepod doubles manufacturer coupons of up to 99 cents.

Amazon fresh

If you Amazon prime membership, You can order Amazon Fresh for free (as long as your order is $ 35 or more). It is available in many parts of the country, but not everywhere. According to its website, it is not distributing dorms – just a head for college students.

Amazon prime now

This is a same-day delivery service for Amazon Prime members (a subscription is $ 12.99 a month or $ 119 a year, plus tax). You can get groceries on the same day (and maybe within an hour or two, depending on where you live, there may be a charge for that small window of time delivery). You can also order other non-food products on Amazon, such as electronics, clothing, toys, and toothpaste.

Amazon Prime Now is in about 100 cities, meaning it is “now” for a lot of people, but not for everyone, everywhere. It should also be noted that “now” is always a state of mind more than a reality. If you order something in the afternoon, you will probably receive it within an hour or two or before the day is up. If you order groceries at midnight, don’t expect a package before dawn.

Walmart Grocery Pickup & Delivery

If you sign up for Walmart +, You pay $ 12.95 a month or $ 98 a year, and you will be given your groceries for free. (There is a 15-day free trial, so you can try it out and order groceries multiple times, and then cancel or sign up.) Generally, you will receive free delivery. Orders of $ 35 or more will be required, but for a limited time, the website says, no minimum order is required.

If you do not sign up for Walmart + and just want to have grocery pickup and delivery, there is a $ 7.95 or $ 9.95 delivery charge, which you choose for next day or same day delivery.

Also worth noting: Prices are not marked. What do you pay for groceries You will pay in stores through online delivery.

Boiled dumplings

Dumpling is not as well known as some other grocery shopping apps, but it is available in all 50 states. This is also an unusual basis. You basically use the app to connect with a personal shopper, who will fulfill your order at a local store in your area. So if you have a grocery store in the area that doesn’t usually work with the grocery delivery service app, well, now you do. You work with this personal shopkeeper, who determines their own hours and fees.

So you can pay a little to deliver groceries – $ 30 is common. But you may feel that for that customized service and to pay someone 25 or $ 30 is basically to pay a mess that you are not eager to do.


You can find shifts in many parts of the country. If you download the application or visit its website, you can type in your zip code and find out if Shipt offers services in your area.

If you want to use Shipt, you will need to become a member, which is $ 99 per year or $ 14 per month, or you can pay a one-time fee for delivery. Once you are a member, if you buy $ 35 or more in groceries, there is no shipping fee. Typically, you will order and receive your groceries in a single day.

Shipt performs the markup, to offset the cost of making your purchase for you. But through the app, you can always find deals, just like when you can shop inside a store. You can also look for a coupon code for Shipt, which can save you even more.


It is a grocery delivery service that specializes in sending you healthy foods. You take a quiz, and Hungryroot fills your online cart (or you can say, “No, thank you” and choose your specialty foods).

Plans start at $ 59 and up (which does not include membership fees, although you do not need to become a member to use the site). Hungryroot tells of everywhere in America except Alaska and Hawaii. That said, it does not offer every type of grocery item like milk, and so you may still have to use a different grocery delivery service – or go to a store – whatever you need. needed. But, again, if you are looking for a different way to eat healthy, this can be a service that you will enjoy.

Tips for using grocery delivery services

Before you get too deep into online grocery delivery, you want to remember some rules of the road, according to Charles Thomas, a certified financial planner who owns Intrepid Eagle Finance in Clover, South Carolina. In addition to being good with money, he does a good portion of grocery shopping online and has some tips for shoppers.

Stay away from small orders. You probably will Pay delivery fee If you do a small order, Thomas says. The larger the order, the less likely you are to pay an additional surcharge.

Understand membership. Some services come with a membership fee. “Membership fees can mean discounted delivery fees, so your home may move forward depending on the usage of your service,” says Thomas.

Watch out for the markup. Prices may vary if you purchase an item online versus in store. Thomas says, “Some services mark the price on a specific item you would pay at the same store. Not all markups are the same, so keep an eye out and don’t put the same pricing across the board.”

When you order, be intentional about it. Consider scheduling your delivery. “Timing is important,” Thomas says. “When you order, some services expect to pay more for Sunday evening delivery than on Tuesday morning.” In other words, when everyone is shopping, you want to hold back when demand drops and make your online grocery delivery.

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