What’s the difference between circle lenses and regular contact lenses?

I have a few questions about circles and regular contact lenses. I have prescribed color contact lenses that last for 6 months – 1 year depending on how often you wear them, and I used to wear glasses before. I recently heard about circle contact lenses and I think it’s to make your eyes look bigger? Am I right? And I also heard it can come in prescriptions and different colors too. The situation is, it cost a LOT of money for my contact lenses and while watching a youtube review video on circle lenses, it cost the girl only $25 and they last a whole year ($50 if prescribed) and that’s WAY cheaper than the lenses I bought. My question is, what’s the difference between circle lenses and regular contact lenses? And do circle lenses come in prescriptions? Can there be colored circle lenses? Please help me out! The 6 months for my contact lenses is almost up and I don’t want to pay another few hundred dollars!

Basically, materials are the same but circle or colored lenses are focused on beauty look not only to solve your eyes problems, something fun for some occasions or everyday life (just like cosmetic makeup) and they are inexpensive, so I wear them to make my eyes look bigger and prettier.

If you like fashion or want to improve your look then these circle lenses or colored lenses are a good choice for you. 

Here is the meaning of cosmetic contact lenses that I took from Solution-Lens.com

They all are cosmetic contact lenses to look more beautiful but as they are available in a variety of colors and designs these lenses sometimes have different names.

Colored contacts have a colored circle without a black ring around the outer edge of the iris that is the same size as the natural iris to change the color of your eyes.

Circle lenses and big eyes lenses have a form of large circles around the iris with a noticeable black ring to make your eyes appear larger than normal and to achieve a cute doll eye look.

By Marion Evans