Health Canada approves J&J contacts for myopia control

Johnson & Johnson Vision received approval from Health Canada for its Acuvue Abiliti 1-Day lenses for slowing myopia progression in children.

“Our researchers and scientists specifically designed Abiliti 1-Day to be a novel soft therapeutic lens with the potential to slow the progression of myopia in children,” Xiao-Yu Song, MD, PhD, Johnson & Johnson Vision’s global head of research and development, said in a press release from the company.

The silicone hydrogel lenses are designed for daily, one-time use and are geared toward children 7 to 12 years old who are starting myopia treatment. They can reduce axial elongation by an average of 0.105 mm in 6 months, according to the release.

“The approval from Health Canada for Acuvue Abiliti 1-Day lenses marks another major step forward in our collaborative efforts with parents and eye care professionals to reshape the future of myopia,” Song said in the release.

The FDA approved Acuvue Abiliti Overnight orthokeratology lenses in May for myopia control.



By Marion Evans