How to Remove Contact Lenses

The process of removing contact lenses sometimes is difficult and many times uncomfortable. It does not matter if they are cheap contact lenses or expensive ones; they all can give you problems sooner or later when you try to pop them out of your eyes. One of the advice that you must follow is to have a plan for this, also you must remain calm if you want to succeed in this.

Here is an example of the process that you can follow to remove contact lenses. Put your finger on the lower eyelid and pull the eyelid down. Then touch the lower edge of the contact lenses with the tip of your finger. We recommend that you look up and then slide down toward the white of your eye. You must follow all these steps one by one, but you can think that these things only happen to the cheapest contact lenses, they can happen to anyone with any kind of contact lenses.

Another thing to do is to use rewetting drops for your eyes when you try to remove your contact lenses. Then you must look up; hold the lens under the index finger. In this phase than try to compress the lens, and they just pop out of your eye easily. You must know that there is a difference in the ease of removing contact lenses between the soft contact lenses and the hard ones because the hard contact lenses are more difficult to remove.

We recommend that you use a plunger for your hard contact lenses, and you must follow the following steps for you to remove the hard contact lenses successfully: you must moisten the cup of the plunger the use it right on the top of the contact lenses. These steps are different for soft contact lenses: just lubricate your eyes and have patience. If things are getting worse you must go to the Ophthalmologist right away. 

Removing contact lenses can be difficult and sometimes uncomfortable, but you must have a plan and be calm. Also follow the instructions above to remove your hard contact lenses, always remember the difference between hard contact lenses and soft contact lenses, because with the hard ones you can use a plunger but with the soft ones you just have lubricated your eyes.

By Marion Evans