The Origins of Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are really amazing, we just have to wait for a great party, then we get our soft contact lenses, and the party begins. Now we can have much fun with these little things but we must know the origin of such a good thing. Here we are going to give you all the information you need to get what you want: the origin of contact lenses.

There is much debate about the real inventor of our cheap contact lenses but the first who find out a way to get something to improve our vision using these devices was Leonardo Da Vinci. We were drawing sketches about all this stuff. Also, Renato Descartes had an idea about contact lenses using a machine he built.

Thomas Young in the 1800s repaired its vision using a tube with water and microscopic lenses. He is known as the father of contact lenses due to his discovery. Also, August Muller corrected his short vision problems and gave us many contributions in this area.

But it was with polymethylmethacrylate that contact lenses were born as we know them today. In the year 1948, a man whose last name was Touhy patented the first contact lenses in the world. But the creator of the most used contact lenses in the world, the soft contact lenses, is Otto Wichterle.

We hope that you have a clear idea about the people who contributed with their efforts and their devices to create the contact lenses. Da Vinci, Descartes, Young, Muller, Touhy, and Wichterle we must thank you for all the job done, even if we wear the cheapest contact lenses.

By Marion Evans