What brand of contact lenses do you wear?

And on a scale of 1-10 how comfortable are they? I’m trying to find the right daily contact lenses for me because I have really dry eyes. I just tried monthly contact lenses by clear and they were awful. My right eye was all red and puffy. Plus I hate the hassle of cleaning my contact lenses.

I have both dailies and fortnightlies. Dailies for swimming. I do find though the fortnightlies are better for keeping my eyes wet. This is something which is dependent very much on you. Now to buy contacts you do need a valid prescription that includes the contact brand so you do need to go to your eye doctor and discuss the issue. They should be able to give you trials so you can find the right lenses for you.

The other thing you can look at addressing is the cause of your dry eyes. Dehydration can be a cause. Hot compresses help the eyes when they are dry. Have you tried rewetting drops for contacts? Computer screens tend to dry the eyes badly and if you use screens for a long time you may find you can’t use contacts in front of the screen. having contacts outside does help. If your right eye was red and puffy then that implies a problem more than the dry eye – it implies an issue with fit. If your current eye doctor isn’t helping go to another one. Not all are equally as helpful or equally as good at getting a good fit for you.

By Marion Evans